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New programme! The world of videogames breaks into Cinema Jove with ‘Game On’

During this edition of Cinema Jove, for the first time, you will be able to immerse yourself in the exciting world of video games through nine films. The cycle includes everything from documentaries exploring the history and cultural impact of the industry to thrilling fiction feature films.

You can enjoy titles from Japan, the United States, France, Canada, and Spain outdoors from June 21st to 29th, in the gothic cloister of the Centre del Carme (CCCC).

For the biggest video game fans, the cycle will include a round table on June 21st at Fnac, with industry experts. An opportunity to delve into the complexities of video games and explore their influence on contemporary popular culture.

Classics like “WarGames” and “Tron,” to more recent explorations like “eXistenZ” and “Level 5,” each film offers a unique vision of the world of video games and their impact on our lives.

The synergy between cinema and video games will be present with films like “Ace Attorney” and “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” which bring the fantastic worlds of video games to the big screen in an exciting and original way.

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