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Cinema Jove reclaims valencian animation pioneerJoaquín Pérez Arroyo
  • The festival will premiere a documentary on the leading figure of this self-taught entrepreneur of the forties.
  • The program of the 35 edition of Cinema Jove will consist of 4 feature films, 33 short films, 13 web series and the Young Audiovisual Workshop

A the beginning of the 1940s, Joaquín Pérez Arroyo opened one of the fist animation studios in Valencia. Almost 80 years later, the memory of that pioneer has faded. To reclaim his figure, Cinema Jove has programmed a documentary where his trajectory is been revised. ‘Pérez Arroyo, alma de animador’, directed by Carles Palau and the UPV professor Raúl González Monaj.

The film starts with the journey of the great grand daughter of Pérez Arroyo  to reencounter with the history of his ancestor. Between 1941 and 1959, the self-taught animator carried out an abundant production of  short films for Valencian firms Juguetes Payá and Industrias Saludes —which became film producers for this occasion—, besides of the work for firms like CIFESA, Publicidad Levante or his own company, PASSA.

The screening of the documentary will be a part of the Special Screenings section at the 35th edition of the International Film Festival of Valencia, programmed from the 5th to the 9th of December. This section will consist of four movies, three of them being a world premiere.

The program will be completed with the Official Section of Short films and Web Series. The first one will include a total of 33 short films, divided in six blocks. The second will include the screening of 14 productions from Australia, Canadá, Brasil, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Luxembourg and Russia.