Panel with Adjani Salmon (writer, director, and award-winning actor with his series "Dreaming Whilst Black", now on the BBC).   ADJANI SALMON Hailing from Jamaica, Adjani is an award-winning writer-director and actor who only writes "what he likes". As well as an avid reader, he spends his time people-watching, eavesdropping and randomly chatting up strangers, not putting his Architecture degree to good use. In 2019, Dreaming Whilst Black, as a web series came 2nd in the Web Series World Cup with 36 Awards. The pilot for the BBC3 TV adaptation has also been nominated for multiple awards. Adjani is the 2022 Breakthrough Award Winner for the RTS Awards and BAFTA Winner for the Emerging Talent: Fiction Award as a result of his Television debut for Dreaming Whilst Black.
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