Noticias Futuro de cine
A Future of Cinema : Greta Fernández

The prize Futuro de Cine awards news talents of spanish cinema as Greta Fernández, who received the recompense beside the actor Pablo Molinero.

“Greta and Pablo have a lot in common about their career, with a good choice of projects they’ve been involved in,” said Carlos Madrid, Cinema Jove’s director

Actress Greta Fernández (Barcelona, ​​1995) honors her legacy. The daughter of the “goyarised” actor Eduard Fernández is a multidisciplinary artist who combines interpretation and photography.

Her first film experience at the age of 13 was directed by Cesc Gay in Ficció . Her most recent projects are La próxima piel of Isaki Lacuesta for which she received the Gaudí Awards of the Best Actress in a Supporting Role in 2017; No sé decir adiós of Lino Escalera; Amar of Esteban Crespo; and La enfermedad del domingo of Rámon Salazar.

Like the young people of her generation, Greta moves in social media with ease and has managed to make it a weighty asset in her notoriety, especially through Instagram. In the music world, she shot in C. Tangana’s video clip, Persiguiéndonos.

At the theater she started this year in Amanda T, a play directed by Àlex Mañas that tells the story of Amanda Todd, the 15-year-old Canadian who committed suicide because of cyber-harassment. Finally, she has just finished shooting for television the tragicomedy Matar al Padre , directed by Mar Coll for the Movistar + channel, on the pre-crisis post-Olympic Barcelona.

In her next projects are also Álex Montoya’s first film, La Gent, based on the homonyms work of the Valencian company Pérez & Disla; a television movie by Isabel Coixet, Elisa y Marcela, that looks back at the true story of two female Galician teachers in couple in 1901, creating a scandal in the Spanish Catholic society of the early past century; and a shoot with her father on the first production of Belén Funes entitled La hija de un ladrón.