Noticias Encuentro Audiovisual de Jóvenes, Festival,
The Audiovisual Youth Ecounter brings together promising Spanish audiovisual talents

The Spanish audiovisual sector is going through a stunning period, the quality of which is attested to by the presence and recognition of films and short films made in our country at the main international festivals. This generation will take over this coming June in the section that gave rise to Cinema Jove, the Youth Audiovisual Encounter.

This year, all the screenings of this competition section of the festival organised by the Conselleria de Cultura through the IVC will take place in Sala 7 of the Rialto Building, from 22 June to 1 July.

The event is subdivided according to the age of the participants. The infant category brings together students from kindergarten and primary school up to the age of 12, the youth category, for secondary school students up to the age of 20, and the amateur category brings together short films made by students from image training courses, universities, film schools and youth associations, between the ages of 16 and 25.

This year, a hundred and ten short films were submitted to the competition, more than half of which belonged to the ‘amateur’ category. Of the total, five children’s shorts, nine youth shorts, and 14 semi-professional shorts have been selected for the competition, which makes a total of 28 shorts from the new Spanish filmmaking talent pool.

The short films selected for this edition will be divided into three programmes where mentoring sessions will be given to the participants. The tutors will be filmmakers Emilio Martí, Gabi Ochoa and Begoña Soler, who this year will be accompanied by one of the winning directors of the semi-professional section at Cinema Jove 2022, ‘La explosión’.

The meeting will close with the screening of a silent film with live music.


The impulse of the residency

Of the total, five pieces with a “singular look” will be selected to participate in the VI residency of formation organised by Cinema Jove, programmed on this occasion from the 30th of August to the 6th of September.

The coordinator of the event, Teresa Aguilar, attributes the greater presence of participants from the ‘amateur’ section precisely to the six years that the residency has been running, as throughout 2023, the Cinema Jove team is promoting the event among this profile of beginners in schools.

The participants in this residency will be concentrated in Valencia with mentors Emilio Martí, Gabi Ochoa and Begoña Soler. The mentoring team will guide the creation process of their second short films. The new crop of filmmakers will receive advice on the scriptwriting and development process, as well as tips on how to pitch to production companies. During the seven days of the experience, they will rewrite the script, make several versions and shoot some sequences.


À Punt and La Aventura del Saber Awards

The festival will award a runner-up prize and a main prize, as well as a special prize from the television programme ‘La Aventura del Saber’ on TVE’s La 2 for the best work in the field of education.

Cinema Jove also renews its collaboration for the third year with À Punt, which will award a visit to its facilities at the Programme Production Centre in Burjassot for the best work in the Region of Valencia in the children’s and youth categories.