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Official Short Film Section – 34 Cinema Jove

Cinema Jove has selected 49 competing short films for this edition’s Official Section. They will be distributed in ten sessions that will be screened at Teatro Rialto.

This year, the variety of genres, styles and origins stands out. According to Álvaro Yebra, member of the short film selection committee: “there has been an increase in the documentary genre, with a total of 15 films, as well as in the animation genre, with a total of 8 films.” The section includes 14 Spanish films, 6 of which hail from Valencia, and films from various countries such as USA, Canada, China, Argentina, France, Poland, Greece and Portugal. The 23 nationalities included display the great variety of participating short films.

Among the selected short films some can be highlighted, such as ‘Lo siento mi amor’ (2018) by director and actor Eduardo Casanova, who returns to the short film format after his success with feature film ‘Pieles’. Among other directors that have returned from feature films to short films Carla Simón can be found – after her reknown film ‘Verano 1993’ (Best Debut Film at the International Film Festival of Berlin/Berlinale, Golden Biznaga for the Best Film at the Malaga Festival, recipient of several Goya Awards and nominated for the Oscars), she presents her short film ‘Después también’ (2019).

The Valencian short films that compete in this section are: ‘Snorkel’ (Borja Soler, 2019), whose project was presented to Curt Creixent in the last edition of Cinema Jove and has been materialized for this edition’s Official Section; ‘Cuzco’ (Víctor Sánchez, 2019), a project born from a theatre production with the same title that premiered at the Teatro Rialto in 2017; ‘Cocodrilo’ (Jorge Yúdice, 2018), which has just premiered at the Berlinale; ‘Muero por volver’ (2019) by Javier Marco Rico, who has participated in previous editions of Cinema Jove with short films such as ‘El vestido’; the animation short film ‘Miss Mbulu’ (Ben Fernández, 2019) and ‘Los que desean’ (2018) by Elena López Riera, awarded at the Locarno Festival. López Riera, one of the most international Valencian directors, has recently received an award at Cannes Festival for her feature film ‘El agua’.

There are a large number of debuting films, including: ‘Pauline Asservie’ (Charline Bourgeois-Tacquet, 2018), ‘Shadow Boxing’ (Talia Lumbroso, 2019), ‘You See the Moon’ (Miguel Nunes, 2018), ‘Tonight’ (Emily Shir Segal, 2018), ‘Double D’ (Fey Lehiane, 2018), ‘La Mala Fe’ (Eva Pauné, Marina Pauné, Elena Pauné, 2018) and ‘La Chanson’ (Tiphaine Raffier, 2018).

The Official Short Film Section also includes six pieces by international film school students, which will be a part of ‘Programants’: ‘Sisters’ (Lodz Film School), ‘Tracing Addai’ (Konrad Wolf), ‘Their Voices’ (Lodz Film School), ‘Tonight’ (The Steve Tisch School), Double D (Utrecht School of the Arts) and ‘La Mugre’ (Universitat Pompeu Fabra). A committee composed of Valencian audiovisual students will participate, together with this short film selection, in the special program of ‘Programants’, that will be screened on the 21st of June, at 6.00pm at the Teatro Rialto.