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“The stories we tell literally create the world. If you want to change the world, you need to change your own stories. This truth applies to both individuals and organizations.” Michael Margolis

Digital Jove is an open and participatory discussion forum dedicated to the new digital creation narratives, to the convergence of art + science + technology + communication and its social impact. It includes lectures, round tables, workshops, screenings, networking area and showroom for professionals and companies.

It is mainly aimed at young creators, professionals and startups coming from digital creation, science, technology, entertainment and communication.

During Digital Jove, the #VALENCIA2050 initiative is presented, a multiplatform creative contest in which creators and visionaries will share their

visions for the future.

Digital Jove is an open and participative forum, dedicated to new digital creation narratives; a convergence of art + science + technology and communication, and its social impact. It includes presentations, round tables, workshops, projections, and networking and showroom spaces for professionals and organizations.

It is primarily aimed to young creators, professionals and start-ups of the worlds of digital creation, science, technology, entertainment and communication.

During the celebration of Digital Jove, the initiative #VALENCIA2050 will be presented: a creative multiplatform competition for creators and visionaries to share their visions for the future.


How do you imagine Valencia will be in the year 2050? We invite you to travel into the future and tell us a short story.

During the celebration of Digital Jove 2018, the initiative #VALENCIA2050 will be presented: a creative multiplatform competition where creators and visionaries will asked to share their visions for the future.

The categories are:

Short film | comic | micro theatre | interactive art | illustration | music | short story

During the 2018-2019 period, a committee comprised of representatives from the fields of digital creation, research and communication will supervise the projects presented in the different categories and select seven finalists. The process will be followed on social media with the hashtag #Valencia2050.

The finalists will be officially presented during the edition of Digital Jove 2019, where the three best pieces of each category will receive an award.


> Tickets:

20 JUN Wednesday

  • Santiago Grisolía Auditorium – CAC

9:30 am Official presentation of DIGITAL JOVE 2018 and the #VALÈNCIA2050 initiative

10 am Spanish debut of the documentary More Human Than Human

11:30 am From the cave woman to the dive of virtual reality: shifting expectations

Presentation by Carolina Cruz – Neira (Emerging Analytics Center. University of Arkansas)

12:30 pm The art of augmented reality

Presentation by Ian Kelso and Alex Mayhew (Impossible Things, Toronto)

1:30 pm Are we digital? Collaborative projects and online work at the Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona

Presentation by Lucía Calvo (CCCB)

  • Teatre Rialto

4 pm Round table. Intelligent cities, sustainable cities? Challenges and opportunities

5 pm Round table. Neuroscience, Big Data, Blockchain & IoT: technological creation and innovation in the Valencia Community

6 pm Presentation Visyon 360: Immersive realities

7 pm Round table. eSports: the future of digital entertainment


21 JUN Thursday

  • Teatre Rialto

9:30 am Documentary screening: Mañana

11:30 am 3.0. Cinderellas: case study. Digital activism and social transformation

Presentation by José Ignacio Galán Ugartemendía (Visual Anthropology).

12:30 pm Round table. Future. Fiction. Feminine. Plural: new narratives in fiction for future entrepreneur

1:30 pm Round table. Cooperative creative spaces and collective narratives

4 pm Round table. Cinema and accessibility

5 pm Non-traditional digital narratives: experiences in structuring through new media and sound

Presentation by Pierce Warnecke (Berklee College of Music)

6 pm Round table. Training content creators of digital narratives

7 pm Art, life and technology. A question of time

Presentation by Solimán López (ESAT Lab)

22 JUN Friday

  • Teatre Rialto

10 am Robotics and Cinema

Presentation by Ricardo Domínguez (El Caleidoscopio, ROS Film Festival)

11 am Round table. Hyperloop UPV + Zeleros: Attract the Future

12 pm Round table. València Tech City – #VLCTechCity

1 pm Round table. Culture Maker

  • Las Naves – Centre d’Innovació

12 pm Workshop VR LEVEL 5 with Víctor Martín (Product management at Level5 InMediaStudio)

4 pm Digital Transhumanism

Presentation by Santiago Martín (Project management at InMediaStudio)

5 pm Round table. Women Tech Makers

6 pm Round table. Communities: Makers, Coworking and collaborative spaces

7 pm ARTE in Spanish. Web-documentary screening: Sexo y Amor 3.0

23 JUN  Saturday

  • Teatre Rialto

10 am What is interactive narrative design? The Narrative Design Explorer

Presentation by David Varela (Narrative Designer at Criterion Games/EA)

11 am Round table. The future of the multiplatform experience

12 pm The power of immersion: experiential theatre, crisis simulations and transmedia narratives

Presentation by Belén Santa-Olalla (Chief Creative Officer at Conductor and Director of Stroke114 Theatre Company)

1 pm Round table. New theatrical proposals and new narratives

  • Las Naves – Centre d’Innovació

4 pm Round table. New platforms for new content

5 pm Round table. The audiovisual sector in the face of new multi-platform digital proposals

6 pm La Tribu Animation: creating an animation studio

Presentation by Jaime Maestro (Director and co-founder of La Tribu Animation Studio)

7 pm ARTE in Spanish. Web-documentary screening: Homo Digitalis: Transhumanismo Digital 


  24 JUN Sunday

  • Teatre Rialto

10 am Videogames for a social change: gender, education and civic participation

Presentation by Eurídice Cabañes (ArsGames, México)

11 am Round table. The independent videogame industry in the Valencia Community: challenges and opportunities

12 pm Round table. Lanzadera + PlayStation Talents

1 pm Narratives and geolocalized experiences

Presentation by Jordi Díaz (CEO of Play&Go Experience)

2:30 pm Closing ceremony of Digital Jove 2018

Other activities

  • Teatre Rialto. Sala 7

Showroom Immersive Experiences – Virtual Reality | inMediaStudio, Madrid

Immersive Experiences: Pánico en las alturas [Fear of heights], BlueMars VR, VR Circus, VR Polis

Schedule: 20 JUN: 4.00pm – 7.00pm h / 21-22-23 JUN: 10.00am – 2.00pm / 24 JUN: 10.00am – 2.00pm

  • Think Tank Room. Las Naves – Centre d’Innovació

The ARt of AR: ReBlink – Augmented reality and art exhibit

Alex Mayhew & Ian Kelso – Impossible Things (Toronto, Canada)

Schedule: 20 JUN: 4.00pm – 7.00pm h / 21-22-23 JUN: 10.00am – 7.00pm


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