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Preview ‘ Llenos de gracia’ second feature by Roberto Bueso

The 37th edition of Cinema Jove will host the preview of ‍Llena de gracia’, the second feature by the Valencian director Roberto Bueso, starring the winner of a Goya Carmen Machi (Ocho apellidos vascos’, ‍La Tribu’).

The cast of the film is completed with Paula Usero -Premio Un Futuro de Cine 2021 and co-producer of feature films such as ‘La boda de Rosa’ and ‘Luimelia’-‘; Pablo Chiapella (‘ La que se avecina’); Nuria González (‘ 30 coins); Anis Doroftei (‘ Señor, dame paciencia’) and Manolo Solo (‘The good boss’, ‘La Fortuna’). In addition, the film features a group of young performers between 9 and 14 years old, one of whom is Dairon Tallón (‘ Black Beach).

The film, written by Roberto Bueso and Óscar Díaz Cruz, will be screened on June 22 at 21:00 at the Teatre Principal in Valencia, two days before its theatrical release. Both the director and the acting team will attend the event, framed in the activities prior to the official start of Cinema Jove.