An educational show around the music of Federico Fellini's films, where music, theatre and film archive coexists. A recreation through the memories of Giulletta Massina, wife and muse of italian moviemaker Federico Fellini, of some of the most memorable moments of his movies, inevitably connected with Nino Rota's creations. Fresh, popular and always surprising sound will contribute to the revisitation of one of the most unique filmographies.
DIRECCIÓN: Joan Miquel Reig
GUIÓN: Joan Miquel Reig
INTÉRPRETES: Carlos Benetó y Juanjo Serna, trompeta / Manuel Pérez, trompa / Inda Bonet, trombón / Sergio Finca, tuba./ Maite Gil, actriz
PAÍS: Spain
Día: 06/12
Hora: 20:30
Sala: Teatre Rialto