Lampenfieber is a queer web series behind the scenes of a theater.

Philipp is 21, just dropped out of uni and fell in love with ex soap star Gunnar.

Philipp starts an internship at the theatre, where Gunnar prepares for his comeback as a respectable actor. Of course, no one is waiting for Philipp there – except maybe Isabell, a young actress who herself doesn’t quite fit in. Soon they work together on their mission: conquering the weird world of theatre.

AÑO: 2017
DIRECCIÓN: Anna F. Kohlschütter
GUIÓN: Levin Hübner, Ingrid Kaltenegger, Kirsten Loose, Fabian Wallenfels
INTÉRPRETES: Nils Hohenhövel, Anja S. Gläser, Sebastian Schlemmer, Ines Marie Westernströer
PAÍS: Germany