Ben just turned 30. He's a shy man, and is in love with his coworker Diane. He's got two main passions in life : Historical reconstitutions with his figurines club, and his job at the Tourism Office in Nîmes, which consists in taking visitors on board across the city.

After a sad birthday party, he's about to go home when he runs down a man with his car. Terrified, he approaches the poor man, only to discover that he's facing a Roman named Volesus, who only speaks Latin and has travelled through time to show up in our present days.

AÑO: 2018
DIRECCIÓN: Quentin Uriel
GUIÓN: Quentin Uriel, Gregoire Aubin
INTÉRPRETES: Clément Mauger, Yohan Genin, Anne Céline Trambouze, Alexianne Torres, Jonathan Chiche
PAÍS: France
Día: 23/06
Hora: 17:00
Sala: CCC Octubre