La Peste is a thriller of six episodes, 50mins each, which takes place in Sevilla in the mid 16th century during a plague pandemia coinciding with the decadence of one the most powerful and rich city of Europe at this time. Mateo, a former soldier, honors his word and comes back in order to take out his died friend's son. But Mateo is wanted to death by the Holy Inquisition in due to heretic publications. A bit before to succeed in his objective, he is arrested. The Inquisitor promishes him amnesty if he solves a serie of crime with satanic aspects.
AÑO: 2017
DIRECCIÓN: Alberto Rodríguez, Paco Baños
GUIÓN: Rafael Cobos, Fran Araújo
FOTOGRAFÍA: Pau Esteve Birba
MÚSICA: Julio de la Rosa
MONTAJE: Manuel Terceño, Darío García, Paco Campano, José M. G. Moyano
PRODUCCIÓN: Manuela Ocón Aburto
PRODUCTORA: Movistar+, Atipica Films
INTÉRPRETES: Pablo Molinero, Paco León, Sergio Castellanos, Patricia López
PAÍS: Spain