Pygmalion, disappointed of the women of his time, decides to create with his own hands an immaculate woman at the height of his expectations and his rank. The creature would fulfill his pleasures and provide manpower for his kingdom. A visual essay, which deals with the discursive construction of the organic body through gynecology, which uses the ideological scalpel to mold genders, desires and sexualities.

AÑO: 2017
DIRECCIÓN: Julia Maura; Mariangela Pluchino; Ambra Reijnen; Maria Chatzi; Fátima Flores
GUIÓN: Julia Maura
MÚSICA: Kostas T; Maria Chatzi; Ambra Reijnen; Fátima Flores
PRODUCCIÓN: Master en la teoría y la práctica del documental creativo, uab, Barcelona 2017
PRODUCTORA: Mariangela Pluchino
PAÍS: Spain