Quique is an indie music lover since his youth, not only as fan but as producer in his city, Valencia, festival's director, music bar's owner, concert chronicler and programmer of a well-known place.

His life changes after his left leg's amputation. Far to sink, music will save his life. vida cambia tras la amputación de su pierna izquierda. Lejos de hundirse, la música le salva la vida.

It's a story as there is many in Spain, as he said, which counts 60,000 amputees. The message is clear : we must face against all type of obstacles.

AÑO: 2018
DIRECCIÓN: Iñaki Antuñano, Quique Medina
GUIÓN: Andreu Garcia Garcia, Ferran Toledo
PRODUCCIÓN: TV ON Producionnes
PAÍS: Spain
Día: 24/06
Hora: 18:00
Sala: Teatre Rialto