Popular, witty, and possessing precisely the right dose of hipsterness… Nilou, Malick and Adanne are the three people everyone at school knows. But fame always has a flipside. Lots of girls not only admire Nilou’s charms, they also envy her; Malick doesn’t just keep the mood up, he also causes unwelcome upheaval; and Adanne – always striving to be the best – isn’t always on the level when it comes to getting what she wants. Although they are best friends, and seem to share everything with each other, their secrets run deeper than the internet itself. Ironically, these youngsters are more trusting of their phones – repositories of all their personal data – than of their friends. However, when they discover their phones have been hacked, everything is thrown into disarray. Desperate to prevent their secrets being exposed, they find themselves at the mercy of a hacker who makes increasingly challenging demands in return for their privacy, confronting the three friends with their deepest fears and darkest secrets.
AÑO: 2021
PAÍS: Belgium
SECCIÓN: Webseries