The three stories within Genesis are rooted in the biblical notion of family: a Roma boy’s family are killed and the perfect world of his childhood is destroyed; a teenage mother goes to extreme lengths to ensure that her child is saved from the fate that she was forced to endure; a succesful lawyer risks her career for the truth to rediscover the faith she lost with her child. All three stories are based on real events that took place in Hungary: the Roma murders, when a neo-nazi group terrorised Roma families for over a year. These events claimed many victims, including 6 deaths. The protagonists are one way or another affected by these events, which change their lives fundamentally.
AÑO: 2018
DIRECCIÓN: Árpád Bogdán
GUIÓN: Árpád Bogdán
MÚSICA: Mihály Víg
MONTAJE: Péter politizer
PRODUCCIÓN: FocusFox; Mirage Film Studio
PRODUCTORA: Andrea Taschler; Gábor Ferenczy
INTÉRPRETES: Annamária Cseh; Milán Csordás; Enikő Anna Illési
PAÍS: Hungary
Día: 27/06
Hora: 20:00
Sala: La Filmoteca
Día: 29/06
Hora: 22:30
Sala: La Filmoteca