Samuel arrived at Formentera during the 70s hippie decade and he stayed there, earning his life by playing banjo in a bar. One day, he receives his daughter Anna and grandson Marc's visit. Work-less for a while, she has accepted a job in France, but she must go alone. After a first rejection, the former hippie agrees to take care of his grandson and realize a trip that takes him into the dark side of his paradise. Accompanied by others singulars characters : Toni, Greta and Joan. A trip which will be initiatic and hopeful.
AÑO: 2018
GUIÓN: Pau Durà
FOTOGRAFÍA: Miguel Llorens
MONTAJE: Lucas Nolla
PRODUCCIÓN: David Ciurana, Ramiro Acero
PRODUCTORA: Fosca Films, Sunrise Pictures
INTÉRPRETES: José Sacristán, Sandro Ballesteros, Pepa Juan, Nora Navas, Jordi Sánchez,Ferran Rañé
PAÍS: Spain