The Enxaneta is the boy or girl who culminates the "castell", a major fiesta in catalonian culture. He/She is the one who climbs to the top. Blanca used to be "enxaneta" when she was a child. But she is not now. Now she is grown up and has a relationship with Alberto, a writer. Enxaneta is a radiograph of a love story out of sync. For five years nowBlanca and Alberto have been struggling to be together, but they are so close to each others as Spain is to Australia. They keep struggling though, but nobody can tell it's well worth it. Is it ?
AÑO: 2012
DIRECCIÓN: Alfonso Amador
GUIÓN: Alfonso Amador
MÚSICA: Lucas Valera Montilla
PRODUCCIÓN: Nadir Films, Valsain Films
INTÉRPRETES: Silvia Mir, Alberto Iglesias, Pablo Molinero
PAÍS: Spain