This documentary tells the story of the first 25 years of Luis García Berlanga's life, from the time he was born in Valencia on 12 June 1921 until he decided to go to Madrid to study film in 1947. A vital and important period in order to understand the personality of a genius. A convulsive time when monarchy, republic, democracy, dictatorship, peace and war take over from one another; when cinema is winning the day over other forms of entertainment and where both the protagonist and his world and his city are undergoing a continuous process of transformation. From the hand of his grandnephew Chechu García-Berlanga and Luis' own memories, we will travel through the childhood and youth of an extraordinary and creative man who did not yet know that he was called to be one of the great directors of Spanish and European cinema.
AÑO: 2022
PAÍS: Spain
SECCIÓN: Proyección Especial