Mónica, a 47 years-old dancer, has to travel from Buenos Aires to her native village in Burgos, Spain, in due to her father's death. The obligated return to rural life and the reunion with her mum in early winter season let emotions come whereas she tried so many years to escape. Con el viento is the story of a re-encounter between a mother and a daughter who could not communicate. And of a rural life which dissapears.
AÑO: 2017
DIRECCIÓN: Meritxell Colell Aparicido
GUIÓN: Meritxell Colell Aparicido, Laura Arrom
FOTOGRAFÍA: Aurélien Py, Julián Elizalde
MONTAJE: Ana Pfaff
PRODUCCIÓN: Carles Brugueras
INTÉRPRETES: Mónica Garcia, Concha Canal, Ana Fernández, Elena Martín
PAÍS: Spain