Engaged couple Louie and Irene share a private, deeply intertwined life. As we observe their oddly codependent routine, we also gather they are in the process of organising a wedding. Louie, it seems, is the more decisive of the two, whilst Irene could be classified as a happy spectator. From our distance, they appear to be a happy couple, but when Irene first expresses a building anxiety about their rapidly approaching marriage, and perhaps their relationship as a whole, Louie moves quickly to find a solution. After some time to process, Louie proposes that Irene attend his buck’s party as his fiance, an opportunity for them to clear their minds. Irene hesitates at Louie’s oddly insistent tone, but ultimately agrees. Maybe they do need this. Presented by its director on Sunday 23.
AÑO: 2023
DIRECCIÓN: Jack Clark, Jim Weir
PAÍS: Australia
SECCIÓN: Largometrajes
Día: 21/06
Hora: 11:30
Sala: La Filmoteca
Día: 23/06
Hora: 20:00
Sala: La Filmoteca