"Becoming Charlie" is a serie about Charlie's search for identity. The discovery of their own non-binary identity catapults not only Charlie, but also Charlie's environment out of their comfort zone and shakes seemingly irrefutable truths. Only rap music seems to be constant for Charlie and an outlet for their own feelings. Charlie, in their early twenties, comes from ordinary circumstances and still lives with their Mother Rowena, who has neither her own life nor the family finances under control. Both shimmy from job to job. Charlie currently works as a food delivery person and notices more and more often that the expectations of those around them do not match how Charlie feels. In addition, there is tension in the family. Rowena's sister Fabia tries to collect long-delayed debts, setting off a kind of chain reaction. More and more, Charlie is plagued by the question, "Where do I belong?"
AÑO: 2022
PAÍS: Germany
SECCIÓN: Webseries