In 1976, Tony Wilson discovers that his real vocation is the music. He founds a label and becomes a "talent-hunter" and music producer. In this way Factory Records born, one of the most important production company which produces Joy Division, New Order and Happy Mondays. Tony Wilson and his friends, while they were in a Sex Pistols concert in the late 70s, create a plan which will completely change pop-music universe and make Manchester famous. With launching Factory Records, they buy a local to open their own club, Hacienda, which will be one of the most famous of the world.

AÑO: 2002
DIRECCIÓN: Michael Winterbottom
GUIÓN: Frank Cottrell Boyce
FOTOGRAFÍA: Robby Müller
DIR. ARTÍSTICA: Wendy Brazington
PRODUCTORA: The Film Consortium, Baby Cow Productions, Wave Pictures
INTÉRPRETES: Steve Coogan; Shirley Henderson; Paddy Considine; Andy Serkis; John Simm; Sean Harris; Lennie James
PAÍS: United Kingdom