Noticias Festival

The flood that devastated València in 1957 is the context in which the director Inés París has set her latest film, ‘Olvido’; a thriller that will have a special presentation next 24th of June at the Teatro Principal de València during the 38 edition of Cinema Jove.

Cinema Jove will host the premiere of this feature film that tells a story of crime and mystery during the days following ‘La Gran Riada’, a natural disaster that led to the projection of a new riverbed of the Turia River after it overflowed its banks as it passed through the capital.

“It is high time that audiovisual production took advantage of the historical events surrounding the València flood to develop fictional stories with the political background of those years. It is a vein that I find strange that it has not been used in more films or series”, artistic director Carlos Madrid.

The film is a 100% Valencian production by La Dalia Films and its cast includes María Caballero (‘La noche más larga’, ‘Alma’), Morgan Blasco (‘Estigmas’, ‘Fishbone’) and Javier Butler, Carlos Olalla, Jorge Cabrera and Magüi Mira, among others. The film will hit theatres in the Comunitat Valenciana a week later, on the 29th of June, and will soon be available in the rest of Spain.

In the València of the days after the tragedy, the young journalist Olvido Granell (Caballero) and the brave policeman Joaquín Caplliure (Blasco) join forces to investigate the appearance of some corpses washed away by the water, but who have strange scars on their bodies and have not been victims of the fury of the river.

“The universe around the flood of 1957 is a unique context that serves to tell a story of suspense and crime. It has been a huge challenge to recreate those days so that Valencians can remember the tragedy, but above all, to give the plot an original background, which envelops the characters and immerses them in the mud and the drama”, says the director, Inés París.

The film, written by journalist Fermín Palacios, was shot last year in Valencia, Sueca, Burjassot and Sagunto. In addition, the old Factoría Elcano, in Quart de Poblet, was turned into a live set with the construction of almost 30 different sets: newspaper office, police station, morgue, prison, streets…

Olvido’ is an independent production with the support of the Institut Valencià de Cultura (IVC) and À Punt, as well as the collaboration of the Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales (SEPI) and Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV).