Noticias Festival
We reveal the Official Section Òrbites of the 39th edition of the festival

The new languages and experimental narratives will continue to have a presence during the 39th edition of Cinema Jove, through the Official Section ‘Òrbites’. This year, four films will compete at the Teatre Rialto for a prize of 2,500 euros.

The selected films are:

‘El arte de los analfabetos’: A world premiere by Kevin Castellano and Eduardo Hirscheld, which tells the story of a grandfather and his grandson’s journey, retracing a post-war walk from Valencia to the Pyrenees.

‘My Sextortion Diary’: A documentary thriller by Patricia Franquesa that details her experience of extortion by cybercriminals after her laptop was stolen, showcasing her fight for justice.

‘Elogio del horizonte’: A medium-length film by Rafael Alberola and Jimena Merino, which follows a couple on a trip to Asturias, exploring themes of love and cinematic creativity.

‘Antier Noche’: An ethnographic docu-fiction by Alberto Martín Menacho about a boy in Extremadura who discovers the relationship between humans and animals through hunting with greyhounds.

Each film addresses diverse themes and aesthetics, ranging from historical and personal memory to the exploration of human relationships and technological challenges. You can watch each of them from June 20 at the Teatre Rialto.

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