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Luci Gutiérrez is the designer of the 37th edition

The editorial illustrator Luci Gutiérrez (Barcelona, 1977) will be responsible for designing the poster for the 37th edition of Cinema Jove. Her illustration with a forceful line, of apparent simplicity, as well as her habitual use of metaphors, of a visual narrative similar to the cinematographic one, have made this professional the ideal one to vindicate the return to the cinemas after the pandemic.


The poster will be on display from Thursday 19 May, the day on which the official presentation of the image of the 37th edition of Cinema Jove will take place. The event will take place in Room 7 (Rialto) at 19:00h.


With her choice, Ada Diez, art director of Cinema Jove, aspires to evoke the experiential experience of the audience in a cinema, marked by the sensation of being part of what happens in the films. Luci Gutiérrez conjures up with Cinema Jove, in short, to evoke the return of the big screen.


In practical terms, Diez highlights the great versatility of her proposal: “Her simple chromatic ranges, characterised by an abundant use of black and white in contrast with one or two basic colours, achieve a great balance of weights in the poster and give great play when working in its different applications, as well as creating a great visual impact, which will leave a mark on the spectators”.