Noticias Festival
The Official Selection Feature Films by Cinema Jove investigates the demons of our contemporary societies
  • A valencian movie is challenging among the Official Selection’s ten for the first time of the decade 
  • Over 24 countries are represented in Shorts Competition which has 52 titles 

This year, the ten productions in competition highlight the symptoms of contemporary societies such as suicide, cyber-harassment, the guilt of rape victims or the increasingly prominent appearance of extremist groups. The programmed films open the debate on hot topics of the news, such as “fake news” or the abortion, but also come to deal with problems encountered at all times are the loss of a child, the difficulties of family relationships and sadness in love.

The choice of the director of Cinema Jove Carlos Madrid is justified by a desire to deepen the true youthful spirit of the festival by this 33rd edition not only looking for films made by filmmakers under 40 but also for “the themes and and narrative concerns treated “.

After the welcome received for his first work, Iván Fernández de Córdoba returns to present #Seguidores, a tinted drama comedy that looks at how the technological development in the age of communication is perhaps in the process of turning it into an era of incommunication.

Carlos Madrid underlined “the courage and real independence ” of this production which has been implemented without any institutional funds.

Among the selection there are several initiatory films coming of age, in which the observation of the adult world changes the conception of life of the child adolescent beholder, as is the case in the Danish Denmark, the Austrian L’Animale and the Icelandic The Swan.

Cildrens’ look has a real importance in the hungarian Genesis which deals with racism against gipsies.

Polish Silent Night is a family drama during a Christmas Eve, while Swiss movie Vakuum and German Jibril try to answer to the same question : How far can we pull on the rope in love ?

The two films that complete the selection, The Hungry Lion and Restos de viento come from cinematographic background as far apart as are Japan and Mexico, and are about harassment and mourning, respectively.


Cortos premiados en Cannes y Sundance

Short movies Official Selection counts 52 titles from 24 different countries. A major part are fictional but there is also an important presence of short documentaries and animation. About Valencian production, we can see five titles competing and three out of competition.

About this years’ level, we have a look with Short movie Palme d’Or winner  of the Festival de Cannes 2017, Chinese production A Gentle Night of Qiu Yang, or the Great Jury’s Award of Sundance 2018 and Álvaro Gago’s Matria. 

We are also proud to confirm the short movies competition’s international dimension and so ascertain that Cinema Jove is knowing as an important place to show their last works. It is the case for French production Ikki Films which files this a Zelie Durand’s short animation movie Sahara Palace just one year after their last success in Cinema Jove with Negative Space of Max Porter which ended in Oscar’s final

Finally, it is worth highlighting one of the presentations that has generated more excitement this year, that of Ahora seremos felices, opera prima by the Valencian Borja Soler. In his short career, Soler has already participated as a prominent collaborator in projects of other creators, as happened in 2013 with the feature film Stockholm, by Rodrigo Sorogoyen, of which he was co-director and for which he was awarded at different international festivals.