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Reality turning into fiction is the focus of today at Cinema Jove
  • The three competing feature films of the Official Section are German ‘The Last to See Them’, Georgian Parade’ and Korean ‘House of Hummingbird’

The three remaining premieres of the Feature Film Official Section will be presented today at Cinema Jove, at Filmoteca, portraying reality becominh fiction in three different ways.

The first film will be screened at 11.30am, and is based on a true event. In ‘The Last to See Them’ (Gli ultimi a vederli vivere), by Sara Summa, the audience attends the last day of a family in the south of Italy. The fate of the characters is based on a real story that took place in 2012. The night before a wedding, the Durati family were killed for unknown reasons, where a connection to the mafia was presumed.

“The film connects with Truman Capote’s classic In Cold Blood because it humanizes the anonymous victims cited in the news, but, in this case, the murderers are not included in the story,” anticipates of the Cinema Jove’s director, Carlos Madrid.

The second film, ‘Parade’, will be presented at 8.00pm by its director Nino Zhvania, and is inspired both by Husbands (John Cassavetes, 1970), as well as by the director’s memories of the conversations between her father and his friends, part of the lost generation of Georgia.

The film focuses on the reunion of three old friends in Tbilisi. The film is structured as a road movie, where the main characters travel by car, bus, running or strolling. The three characters are all over 50 and their lives have been marked by the soviet past of a now independent country.

Lastly, Korean ‘House of Hummingbird’ will be screened at 10.35pm and presented by its director Bora Kim; it is also based on the adolescence of the director and scriptwriter.

The main character of the film is a solitary 14-year-old, deprived of her family’s attention. Searching for the affection she yearns for, she tries to engage in relationships with the boys and girls of her neighborhood. It is a coming of age storyline that takes place in 1994 Seoul. Kim is an interdisciplinary artist and sociologist and bases her creative process on cultural research related to showbusiness and the representation of Asian femininity.

Her feature film debut received the Best Film Award at the Generation 14plus at Berlinale, the Best Asian Film at NETPAC, the Audience Award at Busan Festival and the Best Film, Actress and Cinematography Awards at Tribeca.

Curt Creixent

Curt Creixent celebrates the 5ª edition of its Short Film Encounters at the Sala 7 of the Edificio Rialto. During three days, international professionals from the fields of programming, production and audiovisual education will get together to debate and share their opinions on the present and future of the short film format in festivals, online platforms and schools.

At the same venue, at 6.00pm and 8.00pm respectively, two new titles of the cycle ‘The Gods of Anime’ will be screened: ‘Perfect Blue’ and ‘A Silent Voice’.

The Short Film Official Section will continue to be screened at Teatro Rialto, with the screening at 6.00pm of  Program 7, including short films ‘Nus dans les rues la nuit’, ‘Rise’, ‘On the border’, selected for the last edition of Cannes, ‘Le tigre de Tasmanie’ and ‘Double D’. At 8.00pm, Program 8 will be screened: ‘Lasting marks’, ‘Hector Malot: The Last Day of the Year’, ‘Tracing addai’ and ‘Fuck you’. At 10.30pm, Program 9 will be screened with ‘Past perfect’, Oscar-nominated ‘Fauve’, ‘Instructions on How to Make a Film’, ‘La grande vacance’ and ‘Biciklisti’.

Furthermore, at 6.00pm at la Filmoteca, director Armand Rovira will present his film ‘Letters to Paul Morrissey’, as part of the Special Screenings Section.

And, at the Centre del Carme, another classic Coen Brothers film will be screened: ‘Arizona Baby’, starring Holly Hunter and Nicolas Cage. This outrageous comedy almost seems to follow the tempo of a crazy cartoon film, and portrays the romance between a policewoman and a criminal that discover they won’t be able to have children.