Noticias Festival
Cinema Jove will celebrate its 33rd edition from June 22nd to 29th
  • More than 900 movies has been received to participate to the Official Selection
  • 55 nationalies are represented throughout short-movies and features
  • A total of 84 short-movies participate to the Young Audiovisual Workshop


Valencia International Film Festival – Cienma Jove 33rd edition stand from 22nd to 29th of June in the city of Valencia (Spain) with the goal to promote audiovisual emerging talents and to be a hub to the best international cinema directed by young filmmakers.

This year, there are 919 films registered to be part of the Official Selection of Short-Movies and Features. Projects challenging for a prize in one of the category represent no fewer than 55 nationalities.

“We are glad to see young filmmakers from the entire world still want to present their works in Cinema Jove. Our Festival continue to raise interest of beginners who are making their first movies or who have finished their cine’s studies” declares the festival’s director, Carlos Madrid.

Most of the titles, with 311, come from Spain. The other part is from Europa, with a total of 398, especially from France and Germany – 80 each. America Latina gather 85 movies.

“We still receive works from countries we have political and historical relations with, as Europa or America Latina, we are glad to have also participants from other parts of the world – as Irak, Bangladesh, New-Zealand, Malaysia or Barbados” explains Madrid.

Cinematographic education

For its part, Young Audiovisual Workshop received 84 short-movies from all Spanish peninsula to participate into the three-days competition as par of Cinema Jove.

As reminder, this challenge is divided into  three categories. Category corresponds to filmmakers under 12 years old; there are 22 short-movies registered. Category B, with 28 projects registered, sees filmmakers from 13 to 18 years old competing. Finally, Category C and its 34 short-movies, is for a little more advanced filmmakers, from 16 to 24 years old, who are studying cinema in schools, universities or associations.

The selection comity of the Workshop will proceed to a first selection and then the selected projects will compete from 27th to 29th of June. At the end of each session, a formative and educative workshop will take place with professionals of cine.