Noticias Òrbites

Miguel Ángel Baixauli (Valencia, 1971) is a curator, filmmaker and cultural producer. Since 2015 he has been part of the Cine por venir project, which he currently directs, and until 2021 he was artistic director of the Fundación La Posta. He has made two feature films: Tiempos de agua (Temps d’aigua, 2009, winner of the award for best documentary at the 30th Mostra de Cinema del Mediterràni) and Sol de Amparaes (2014), as well as numerous medium-length documentaries and film essays. He is currently the curator and coordinator of the Mundos por venir meetings, which take place at the Universitat Politècnica de València. The first book of this project will be published in June 2023 in co-publication with La documental edicions.