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Iulia Rugină is a director and screenwriter based in Bucharest. She has a degree and a master’s degree in film and television directing from the National University of Theater and Film in Bucharest (UNATC). In 2020 she completed a PhD in low-budget film at the same university.

She has written and directed twelve short films and three feature films, including Stuck on Christmas (2010), Love Building (2013), Dying from a Wound of Love (2014), Breaking News (2016). In 2018 she made her stage debut with the multimedia show Neverland, which she wrote and directed. In 2020 she directed six of the eight episodes of the series Ruxx, produced by HBO. She is currently producing her first full-length documentary film, focusing on Romanian nightclubs from the communist era. Since 2009, she has also actively participated in cultural management (through Control N, the cultural NGO that she has co-founded), and in film education (through the various projects in which she has participated, as a film tutor), having worked with amateur filmmakers, children, ethnic minorities, inmates and drug addicts. She is an associate professor at the National University of Theater and Film in Bucharest, where she has been teaching screenwriting for more than 6 years. .