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Cinema Jove 33rd edition’s Jury

Juries’ composition of this Cinema Jove’s edition is marqued by a strong professional, european and young aspect in agreement with festival’s philosophy where participants’ age is limited to 40 years-old.

In this way, the responsibles of the festival, organized by Institut Valencià de Cultura, would jury’s decisions be from “a generation which is close to directors who participate to the competition, as well as in terms of age and cinema’s conception” according to Cinema Jove’s director, Carlos Madrid.

Cinema Jove’s Feature Official Selection jury is composed this year by valencian young actrice Olga Alemám who is known for playing in series as “Gran Hotel”, “La Alquería Blanca” or “Amar en tiempos revueltos”; of Robert Aronowsky, Polish iberoamerican cinema spreader thanks to his digital plateform Novela; of director, producer and editor Diana Toucedo who has intervened in no less than 15 movies; Croatian director Jure Pavlovic who won the European Film Academy Award fot the best Short in 2015; and of the Bulgarian productor and director Svetla Tsorsorkova, selected in Semaine de la Critique in Cannes and Karlovy Vary Film Festival, among others.

About Short Official Selection, jury is composed of French visual anthropologist Camilla Bui; of valencian artistic director Abdón Alcañiz, known for his work in the serie “La casa del papel” o in the movie “Mil coses que faria per tu” of Dídac Cervera; and Marta Nieto who is one the most awarded actrice of those last years thanks to her participation in the short “Madre” which received the Goya in 2018.

Shorts and Features Official Selection’s juries are also caracterized this year by its clear european accent. Indeed, as the five members of features’ jury as the three of shorts’ come from Old Continent.


Critic’s importance

In their desire to represent all the aspects of cinema, the valencian competition’s organisators have looking for, in addition of actors, directors or editors, some cinematographic critics to complete the list. Thise sector is mainly represented by one the historical revue Cahiers du Cinéma’s accustomed, the French Camilla Bui, Shorts Official Selection jury’s member.

“We are always trying to combine distinguish professions linked to cinema, but for us it was essential to include critics in due to their specific vision of specialist who has an outer view from cinematographic creation” underlined Carlos Madrid.

Femine look is more important this year than masculine because of the numeral importance of women into Juries member : three on five members and two on three in Features’ jury and Shorts’ jury are women.


Jury of luxe for Webseries

Jean-Michel Albert, creator and director of Marseille Webfest, Europe digital series’ festival most prestigious, in one the five Webeseries Official Selection jury’s members, which is a real luxe and a claim for profesionnal who will participate in round table and “informatives capsules”, it means half-hours seminars for professionals.

The rest of jury’s members are the director and productor Chus Gutiérrez who has an asset of a dozen movies; Young Man Kang who has created and leads Seoul Webfest, the only one digital series festival in Asia; Lance Sloane who is Warner Bros’ digital sector vicepresident, Blue Ribbon Content; and Joël Bassaget, Webseries festival’s league, Web Series World Cup, which award every year a “world cup” fot he best production of this format.