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Jorge Silvestre A Future of Cinema Award 2022

Jorge Silvestre is the 37th Film Future Award. Trained at the School of Dramatic Art in Valencia he is known for his works ‍Amar’ (Esteban Crespo) and ‍Asamblea’ (Álex Montoya) and television series such as Gigantes (Movistar Plus) and ‍Alba’ (Antena 3).

Attentive from its beginnings to the discovery of new values of the Spanish audiovisual industry, Cinema Jove has granted this recognition in previous editions to names today highly consecrated as Elena Anaya, Marta Etura, Carlos Areces or Leticia Dolera.

“I am proud to receive this award, because the actors who have received it before have developed an incredible trajectory, and also because this is a festival to which I feel frankly united as a spectator. In addition, I am much more excited to be, in some way, the relief of Paula Usero, who received this same award last year. She is a great companion and friend, to whom I must have gotten my first role in the cinema, in the film ‘Amar’. She and actress Begoña Comitre talked about me at the casting, and that’s how they quoted me and started this adventure,” said the actor.

A confessed admirer of filmmakers such as Carla Simón, Alauda Ruiz de Azúa, Joachim Trier and Thomas Vinterberg, Silvestre acknowledges that he has a special weakness for the roles of antihero. “I like characters who have everything to be rejected, but at the same time have characteristics that make the audience empathize with them. Those types of characters that dig a little into the discomfort of oneself and are politically incorrect”.

To bring viewers closer to the work of Jorge Silvestre, the festival will screen on July 1 at 22:30 h three short films representative of his short but promising career. The Valencian actor will hold a meeting with the public at the Filmoteca de València.