Noticias Festival, Luis Ospina,
Tribute to Luis Ospina

The director Luis Ospina, who initiated the Colombian Nouvelle Vague et belonged to the  Grupo de Cali, has a special place in this Cinema’s Jove edition with a cycle dedicated to his first and more experimental step during the 70s.

Tiles areActos de fe (1970), an adaptation from Jean Paul Sartre’s novel, Autorretrato (dormido) (1971), where the director shot a 10 hours sleep sum up in 4 minutes, ¡Oiga y vea! (1972), about the 6th Panamericans Games on Cali city, Asunción (1975), the revenge of a domestic employee against her bosses and Agarrando pueblo (1978),  a fake documentary about whose exploit misery for mercantilist ends.

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