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High School 2nd Course: the most teenager cycle

The High School cycle is back, this time in its second year, bringing together nine feature films based on high schools and the experiences of teenagers during this educational stage.

The screenings will take place from 24 June to 2 July at the Espai Turia, an open-air space located at 15 Conde de Montornés street. The screenings will be accompanied by live music by renowned Valencian DJs.

Sexual diversity, the effects of immigration in the classroom, bullying, the formation of a political conscience and power relations between teachers will be some of the key themes in this selection of films.


Films High School 2nd year cycle

  • Academia Rushmore – Wes Anderson
  • Con Amor, Simon – Greg Berlant
  • Clueless (Fuera de onda) – Amy Heckerling
  • A todos los chicos de los que me enamoré – Susan Johnson
  • La ola – Dennis Gansel
  • El Club de los Cinco – John Hughes
  • La clase – Laurent Canet
  • El estudiante ((M)uchenik)  – Kirill Serebrennikov
  • Ventajas de ser un marginado – Stephen Chbosky