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Here is the latest news about our recently awarded

In spite of all the alterations that this current sanitary crisis has created at a global scale, a lot of plans are still taking place, albeit at a different pace. Today we are going to talk to you about the news of some of the protagonists of our latest Cinema Jove editions.

Our 2017 Luna de Valencia award recipient, Pablo Trapero, was recently in charge of directing three episodes of series ZeroZeroZero, released this very 2020 and already available on Amazon Prime Video. His next project is the movie The Paris Trap, starring Lily James with a script by Daniel Taplitz. The film, still in a pre-production state, will be a thriller with reminiscence of Polansky and Hitchcock, with a misunderstanding that transforms a holiday into a big nightmare.

Let’s now talk about Elena Martín, awarded with Un Futuro de Cine in 2017, along with Adrián Lastra. The Catalonian actress and director started 2020 with a bang: she has participated in the HBO’s miniseries En casa, along with Leticia Dolera, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Paula Ortiz and Carlos Marqués-Marcet. The project is meant to force the creativity out of various movie professionals, with the limitations of a strict confinement, and using only their cell phones as a camera.

Additionally, the Catalonian artist is part of the team of script writers who are working on the Atresmedia series Veneno, about the life of famous transexual Cristina Ortiz, AKA ‘La Veneno’, directed by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi. Currently, the series is being broadcasted and available at Atresplayer.

Valencian renown producer Fernando Bovaira, who received the 2018 Luna de Valencia award, hasn’t sat still either; after working with Alejandro Amenábar in producing Mientras dure la guerra, which has won five Goya Awards, he is now in the midst of pre-producing another project, also together with the Spanish-Chilean director. The film is an adaptation of Paco Roca and Guillermo Corral’s comic El tesoro del Cisne Negro into a TV series for Movistar +. There isn’t a set date yet for the premiere.

On the other hand, Pablo Molinero, recipient of Un Futuro de Cine award at Cinema Jove 2018, has a new plan for the big screen: El verano que vivimos, by Carlos Sedes (El club de los incomprendidos). Javier Rey and Blanca Suárez complete the list of main actors for this romantic drama that is planned to premiere next November the 6th.

We turn our attention now towards the Portuguese director Miguel Gomes. Awarded with the Luna de Valencia in 2019, he finds himself in the midst of the shooting of Selvajaria, his new film. A combined production between Portugal, France, Brazil, China and Greece that has been stalled due to the COVID-19 crisis. The movie, still in development, participated in the Locarno Film Festival at Switzerland as a way to draw attention to the serious impact of this situation in the film industry. Selvajaria, the project that the director previously revealed in his visit to Cinema Jove 2019, takes a fundamental text of Brazilian literature to the big screen: Los sertones, by Euclides da Cunha. We hope the filming restarts successfully, so we can enjoy more of his films soon.

We finish with our last two Un Futuro de Cine awardees from Cinema Jove 2019. On the one hand, Pol Monen is having a rather busy 2020: he just finished shooting Con quién andas, and will soon release the TV series Albanta on Atresmedia. The Netflix movie El practicante, in which he shares screen with Mario Casas, will premiere soon on the popular streaming platform. Con quién viajas, first movie of director Martín Cuervo, is a comedy that happens during a BlaBlaCar trip. There’s no date of premiere confirmed yet.

Furthermore, Greta Fernández, after winning the ‘Concha de Plata’ at San Sebastián Film Festival for La hija de un ladrón, is getting ready to play a young Teresa de Jesús in the film about her life that director Paula Ortiz (La novia) is now preparing. Madrilian actress Blanca Portillo will play the Saint in her later years. We will have to wait a bit to watch both actresses play this role on the big screen, though.

It’s a relief to confirm that, after all the trouble and distress created in the movie business by the current sanitary crisis, we still have great professionals working hard to offer us the best cultural content.