Noticias Short Films
Cinema Jove becomes a point of reference for the best international short films of the year
  • The Official Selection consists of 34 projects from 21 countries
  • The short films selected come supported by their presence at important festivals like Berlinale, Cannes, San Sebastián, Venecia and Clermont-Ferrand

One more edition (and it’s the 35th already), Cinema Jove becomes again the display for the best international production of short films for this year. The Valencia International Film Festival has programmed a selection of 34 projects coming from 21 countries, to be screened from the 5th to the 9th of December. We’ll find movies from Spain, Iran, China, Lituania, France, Austria, Germany, Argentina, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Chile, Belgium, Portugal, Bosnia, Estonia, Netherlands, Mexico, Greece, Czech Republic, Serbia and Slovakia.

“In this pandemic situation we find ourselves with a reduced edition: from the 10 usual programs this time we’ll only have 6, but the total sum of films doesn’t go far from the usual. The 2020 selection maintains the same spirit of variety in the genres, rebelliousness in the language, internationalism and youth in the direction, because the premise of the authors not surpassing 40 years old remains. The difference this year is that we have purified more the international panorama.” highlights Carlos Madrid, director of program for Cinema Jove.

Each session will consist of six short films in which it will be found heterogeneity in languages, nationalities and narratives, to show an eclectic offer that will surprise the audience.

Most of the works to contest come supported by its presence in prestigious festivals like Cannes, San Sebastián, la Berlinale, la Mostra di Venezia and Clermont-Ferrand. Cannes 2019 programmed the greek-french production ‘The Distance Between Us and the Sky’, by Vasilis Kekatos, winner of the Palme d’Or, and the Argentinian ‘Monstruo Dios’ got a Special Mention of the Jury.

At la Berlinale 2019 was screened  the german ‘Blue Boy’, by Manuel Abramovich. This movie was also programmed at the Zabaltegi section at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

At la Berlinale 2020 we could find ‘Panteres’ by Érika Sánchez and ‘Dummy’, by Laurynas Baresia. ‘Olla’, by Ariane Labed, won the Grand Prix at Clermont-Ferrand. At the same festival, ‘El infierno y tal’ by Enrique Buleo, got the special mention at the Labo experimental section. Another Valencian movie, ‘Metamorphosis’, by Carla pereira and Juanfran Jacinto, has been selected for the Goyas in the animation category. ‘Beef’, by Ingride Santos, has also been selected for the Goya’s.

The rest of the international  films are ‘The Marvelous Misadventures of the Stone Lady’, ‘Winter in the Rainforest’, ‘Apfelmus’, ‘SH_T Happens’, ‘Then comes the evening’, ‘City of children’ and ‘Why Slugs Have no Legs’.

In the spanish side we’ll find  ‘Te jodes y bailas’, ‘Yo también quiero te’, ‘Amianto’, ‘Ni oblit ni perdó’, ‘Lovf’, ‘Spyglass’, ‘Arenal’, and ‘Correspondencia’.

“In this edition, we find not only the usual variety, but new and different narratives, which becomes an incentive to arrange a very special selection that, we hope, it will please each spectator, because each one will find a short film that will accommodate to their taste”, says Carlos Madrid.