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Cinema Jove looks to the future with a section dedicated to transmedia contents, Digital Jove
  • Digital Jove will gather proposals of augmented reality, virtual worlds , robotics, immersive experiences and artificial intelligence from June 20 to 24

  • The event hosts a masterly talks with national and international guests, workshops, networking spaces and showroom area


Cinema Jove looks to the future in its 33rd edition with the incorporation of a discussion forum dedicated to the new digital creation narratives , Digital Jove. In this new section we will delve into the convergence between art, science, technology and communication, and reflect on its social impact.

The event, scheduled between the 20th and the 24th of June, will serve as a prelude to the València International Film Festival, which is held from June 22 to 29. Digital Jove will include lectures with national and international guests, round tables, presentations of innovative projects, workshops, networking spaces and a showroom area for professionals and companies .

” We intend to make Valencia one of the highlights epicenters of the panorama creative digital current transmedia, putting the focus especially in those strategic sectors that can most help our businesses and our young people to grow professionally and to adapt to new models of emergent business is, without fear of digital change, “said the coordinated r from Digital Jove , Fernando Carrión.

The innovative proposal was born with an international character, but with a clear intention to create local value, with a cross- disciplinary and multi- disciplinary approach . Your offer will be aimed primarily at young artists, professionals and start-ups in the world of digital content, researchers and creative scientists, thinkers, game developers,collective makers, critics, educators and professionals from the media.

The inaugural session Digital Jove will take place at the Ciutat de les Arts and Sciences on June 20th of 2018. Subsequent sessions will take place in the Filmotec to valence in Las Naves Innovation Center.


The importance of a good story

In Digital Jove, we will talk about technological challenges, visions and future challenges, but also about content . This is how Carrión describes it: ” It is about stories that use new technologies to create a better world will be approached, stories that eliminate barriers, cooperative histories that become collective experiences, stories that build day by day our society and that shape our future as human beings . ”

Another highlight of the conference milestone will be the presentation of the initiative #Valencia 2050, a creative platform and multidisciplinary contest that will ask creators and visionaries to share their visions of the future.

In the scheduled round tables highlights the focus on female authorship, the challenges and opportunities posed by smart cities, geolocated experiences and the future of digital entertainment.

Among the speakers are figures of international significance as the American computer engineer Carolina Cruz-Neira, director of the Emerging Analytics Center at the University of Arkansas ; the writer and producer specializing in interactive English projects David Varela, whose work highlights the development of the app Sherlock: The Network ; the Spanish transmedia creator Belén Santa-Olalla, who has participated in a long list of immersive stage initiatives and gamification of projects for television in our country ; the visual anthropologist José Ignacio Galán Ugartemendia and the Spanish philosopher specialized in technology philosophy , Eurídice Cabañes, president of Arsgames in Mexico.


Also cinema

Digital Jove will also include the screening of two documentaries that propose optimistic dystopian alternatives to the usual trend Apocalyptic future visions: More Human Than Human , ( Tommy Pallotta andFemke Wolting , 2018 ) and Tomorrow ( Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent , 2015).

The first feature is an exploration d the current state of artificial intelligence that opens unknowns such as the possibility of witnessing the birth of a new species and if s creations infinitely more intelligent, interconnected and possibly self – awareness They can make humanity obsolete .

Tomorrow , meanwhile, is a road movie ecologist who was recognized with the Cesar for the best documentary 2016. The film tries to counteract the bad omens thrown in 2012 by the journal Nature , according to which, in 2100, the disappearance is looming of a large part of humanity as a result of the economic, ecological and social crisis .

The French film is a tour of the five continents in search of innovative people who fight against climate change . Its protagonists are big and small actors of hopeful movements like the British Transition Towns and Incredible Edible .

Digital Jove is organized by the Institut Valencià de Cultura – GVA, within the Cinema Jove Festival, with the collaboration of the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències and the Municipality of Valencia.