Noticias Festival
The Young Audiovisual Workshop and Beats & Frames 2 start today at Cinema Jove
  • The festival will screen ‘El Reino’ as part of the cycle ‘Beats and Frames 2’

Cinema Jove opens one of the most distinctive sections of the festival, the one which originated it: The Young Audiovisual Workshop. The section is dedicated to students under the age of 24, residents in Spain, who belong to educational centers, youth associations or visual workshops. The director of the Festival, Carlos Madrid, confirmed that: “Cinema Jove renews its support to a fundamental section of the festival which, besides being part of our foundational purposes, has become a way to reinforce audiovisual and filmmaking education to young students.”

The Young Audiovisual Workshop is, together with the Feature Films, Short Films and Webseries sections, one of the main areas in competition, and will take place during three days at the Colegio Mayor Rector Peset.

‘Beats and Frames 2’

Cinema Jove will offer the Beats and Frames section once again. For this edition, the section will include a duo of eclectic feature films that address music from different perspectives. Both films will be screened on the 26th and 27th of June at Radio City.

The first selected film is political thriller ‘El Reino’, whose electronic music soundtrack was produced by Olivier Arson, and received the 2019 Goya award. Arson will offer a masterclass prior to the screening, to tell us about the ins and outs of the composition of a soundtrack and the particularities of setting a thriller to electronic music.

On Thursday the 27the, ‘Irvine Welsh’s Ectasy’ will be screened, based on a story by the ‘Trainspotting’ author, which  introduces us to the Edinburgh and Amsterdam clubbing scenes, and its plot takes us to the dance floors at the beat of Primal Scream, Orbital or Paul Oakenfold.

Official Sections

The Official Sections continue, with their screenings of feature films and short films. At La Filmoteca, the feature films ‘The Dive’ (Yona Rozenkier, 2018), ‘Family Members’ (2019) presented by its director, Mateo Bendesky and ‘A First Farewell’ (2018) presented by its director, Lina Wang will be screened.

At the same venue, at 6.00pm, the short-films that are part of the ‘Special Screenings’ will be offered: ‘Absència’ and ‘In-Finity’, presented by their directors, Ramón Moreno and Senina Moreno, and Noé Aguilera.

At the Teatro Rialto two additional Programs of the Short Film Official Section will be screened.  Program 1 will be screening ‘Russa’, ‘Lo espeso’, ‘Shadow boxing’, ‘Suc de síndria’ and Valencian film ‘Snorkel’ (Borja Soler, 2019), whose project was presented to Curt Creixent during the last edition of the Festival and has now come to fruition and is part of the Official Section.  And Program 4 will include ‘You see the moon’, ‘La casa de Julio Iglesias’, ‘Benidorm 2017’, French animation film ‘L’heure de l’ours’ that competed in Cannes this year and ‘Lo siento, mi amor’, directed by actor Eduardo Casanova.

Additionally, the 2018 winners of ‘Prime the Animation’, organized by the Universitat Politècnica de València will be screened. It is the only international animation festival in Spain dedicated to students, young creators and upcoming professionals, where the best schools and young talent of the world participate. The screening includes ‘Patchwork’, ‘Love me, fear me’, ‘The Stained Club’ and ‘Sounds good’.

At the Sala 7 of Edificio Rialto the sessions of Curt Creixent- Encuentros del Cortometraje continue, as well as the cycle ‘The Gods of Anime’ with two new films: ‘When Marnie was there’ (Hiromasa Yonebayashi, 2016) and ‘Belladonna of Sadness’ (Eiichi Yamamoto, 1973), a 70s artistic piece, restored in 2016.

At the Centre del Carme the cycle ‘The Young Coen Brothers’ continues with ‘Barton Fink’, which was inspired by the writer’s block the brothers went through while filming ‘Miller’s Crossing.’ Their effort got them the Palm d’Or in Cannes 1991, as well as the Best Actor award for John Turturro, and the Best Director award.

At the Instituto Francés de València, two new titles of the ‘Youth and the wall’ cycle will be screened. The first, is ‘The invisible frame ‘(Cynthia Beatt, 2009)’, a poetical journey through the varied landscapes that surrounded the Berlin Wall. “a peculiar film –according to Carlos Madrid- that picks up the spirit of experimental documentaries. ‘Cycling the frame’ starred Tilda Swinton, who travelled around the wall from the Eastern side. In ‘The invisible frame’, twenty years later, she visits the same sites, but this time on both sides.”

The second is ‘The legend of Rita’ (2000), where he tells the story of Rita Vogt, a West German terrorist who abandons the revolution and settles in East Germany with a new identity, and where lives in constant fear of having her cover blown.