Noticias Futuro de cine
Cinema Jove foresees a Future of Cinema to Valencian actress Paula Usero
  • The interpreter is one of the protagonists of the global phenomenon ‘Luimelia’ and was nominated for a Goya for her role in ‘Rosa’s wedding’

In its 36th edition, the Cinema Jove festival will recognize actress Paula Usero (València, 1991) with the A Future of Cinema award. The international film festival, organized by the Institut Valencià de Cultura, foresees each edition an upcoming success to one performer from the new batch of the Spanish audiovisual industry. Today’s proven talents such as Elena Anaya, Marta Etura, Carlos Areces, Leticia Dolera and Adrián Lastra have received this recognition on past occasions.

Carlos Madrid has highlighted “the versatility of formats and characters played” by the actress, who at 29 is already a benchmark in the Spanish audiovisual scene.

The success of the #Luimelia series, as well as her nominations in 2021 for the Goya for Best New Actress, for Supporting Actress at the Feroz Awards and in the CEC Medals for her work in the film ‘La boda de Rosa‘ (Icíar Bollaín) confirm the talent of a performer who was put in front of the cameras for the first time when she was still a child.

Paula started acting in advertisings  for television and even though she enrolled in the Faculty of Political Sciences, in second year she left the degree guided by her instinct and took the entrance exams to the Higher School of Art Dramatic (ESAD) of Valencia.

During his years of study she participated in the stage productions of ‘Macbeth’, ‘La habitación de Isabella’ and ‘La casa de Bernarda Alba’, among others, and while still in third year, in 2015 she made her film debut with ‘El Olivo ‘, directed by Icíar Bollaín.

Her first role on television came in 2017 with the character of Inés in ‘Velvet Colección‘, by Movistar +. After her appearance in ‘Paquita Salas‘, in 2018 she joined the sixth season of ‘Amar es para siempre’, by Antena 3, playing Luisita Gómez, a character with whom she crossed borders to the point that after two seasons on Antena 3 after-hours, Paula Usero and Carol Rovira made the leap to the Atresmedia platform to star in #Luimelia.

This spin-off of her characters in the tabletop series is an ATRESplayer PREMIUM original. The third season of it was broadcasted in the web series section of the 35 edition of Cinema Jove. It is currently in the shooting phase of its fourth season, which has become a worldwide phenomenon. As a proof of that, its next eight episodes, originally eight minutes long each, have been extended to a duration of half an hour. The proposal is characterized by portraying a lesbian couple relationship that breaks stereotypes and by incorporating new tools, such as the breaking of the fourth wall.

“We are telling a love story from pure honesty and absolute respect,” said Usero of her character, who has crossed barriers and reached the public in many countries where homosexual relations are prohibited.

On television, Paula has also participated in the series ‘Just before Christ’, by Movistar + and in ‘La Cocinera de Castamar’, (Atresmedia,) available on Atesplayer, Antena 3 and Netflix.
Paula Usero will visit València during the festival, scheduled between June 18 and 26, to receive the A future of cinema award and she will participate in a meeting with the public.