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Cinema Jove closes its 34th edition with more than 10.000 spectators

• In this edition, the festival has hosted 1.194 spectators more than last year, which implies an increase of almost 13 percent.

• The sessions of the Feature Film Official Section have been the ones that show the biggest increase.

The 34th edition of Cinema Jove, the Institut Valencià de Cultura International Film Festival, held from the 21st to the 28th of June, has received a total of 10.121 spectators. The amount means an increase of 1.194 spectators regarding the 8.927 of 2018. In comparison, it’s almost a 13 percent more.

“The variety in the programme has attracted very diverse spectators to the different sections of the festival, with a common element, youth, which is the target audience of this festival”, has explained Carlos Madrid, director of Cinema Jove.

The parallel sections dedicated to  the first seven films by brothers Joel and Ethan Coen, ‘The Young Coens’, and to the japanese animated films, ‘The Gods of Anime’ (which registered 15 sold outs in its 18 sessions), have been the ones with a bigger response from the public. Still, the greatest new for the festival director is that the Feature Film Official Section has shown the largest comparative increase in assistance.

Carlos Madrid accredits this increase to the effort by the Festival Selection Comitee that the age of the main characters of the movies matches the one of the majoritiy of the audience. “Most of the stories of the films to contest in the Official Section are told by young people and are about young people. So, this edition has been more commited with their generational worries and concerns”.

In fact, the Webseries Official Section has also experimented a bigger impact this 2019. Cinema Jove director attributes it to the “potential of a short, available and relatively new format”.

The more distinguishable audience at the different Official Sections, short films, feature films and webseries, has been the  younger one. Being in touch with this target audience has helped mantaining this trend, with initiatives like the Young Jury. This way, in 2019, besides of repeating experience with feature and short films,  the Young Jury has expanded and includes Webseries. Also, the number or jury members has increased to 25: 10 responsible for feature films, 10 to short films and 5 to webseries.