Noticias Valencia Capital del Diseño
Cinema Jove celebrates the designation of Valencia as a 2022 World Design Capital
  • The Festival programs a cycle of four documentaries at the Octubre Centre Cultura Contemporània
  • The tribute is completed with an exhibition of 35 film posters, all selected at the festival Official Selection

Cinema Jove will pay tribute in this edition (and in the following) to the election of Valencia as a 2022 World Design Capital. This year, the International Film Festival of Valencia, organized by the Insitut Valencià de Cultura has programmed a cycle of documentaries that will be accompanied by talks and round tables by prestigious professionals of the sector.

The Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporània will hold next 19th and 20th of June four documentary films that will cover a wide spectrum of creativity. “With this selection we want to discuss design not only from orthodoxy, but also to open the range to other disciplines as architecture and illustration. The idea is to promote different proposals in order to feed the soul of future designers”, tells us cycle commissioner Javier La Casta, strategy director at Estudio Néctar.

The Selection includes a documentary dedicated to José María Cruz Novillo, a pioneer who re-designed our country’s image in the Transition days. ‘El hombre que diseñó España‘ (Andrea g. Bermejo y Miguel Larraya, 2019) shows the work of a model for future generations. “To understand design, you have to go to the source and learn from the masters”, says La Casta.

The Happy Film‘(Stefan Sagmeister, Ben Nabors, Hillman Curtis, 2016) also centers the scope into a person, Stefan Sagmeister. The documentary shows the different experiments he carried out throughout six years, in order to find true happiness through the personal challenge of transforming himself and re-designing himself as a person. “This proposal appeared to us as an interesting experiment and reflection, because it approaches design in capital letters and how to apply it to everything, including one self”, the commissioner affirms.

The third name in the cycle is the one of Luis Barragán. In 2018, conceptual artist Jill Magid dedicated the documentary ‘The Proposal‘ about the Mexican architect. The film defends the creator’s legacy and tells us how the archives of emotional architecture inventor has been acquired by a private Swiss corporation, Vitra, which controls the rights of his name and work, making it almost inaccessible to the public.

The selection is completed with ‘Making It’ (Tony Moorman, 2015), where its stated the not-always-easy aspects of making a living through illustration. The movie gathers statements of American authors as Eric Fortune, Andrew Bawidamann or Brian Ewing talking about education, the business model and the future of the sector.

Poster memory of Cinema Jove

The tribute includes also a movie poster exhibition, with feature films, short films and web series of the Official Sections through the history of the festival. The exhibition will open the 15th of June at the Octubre CCC and will consist of 35 posters selected by the Directive Board of Valencia World Design Capital 2022.

“This exhibition is carrying a dynamic that Cinema Jove is being developing from the latest years: the one of exhibit at screening rooms, streets and even postcards, the posters of the feature films of the Official Section. That’s why we believe that graphic promotion is essential for the public to connect for the first time with programmed films”, says Carlos Madrid, director of the festival, who has taken the opportunity to announce the adding a new award in this edition to Best Movie Poster. The winner will be chosen by the members of the Valencia World Design Capital organization.

Valencia will be World Design Capital in 2022 after the biannual designation by the prestigious institution World Design Organization. The city of Valencia, and with it, the Comunitat Valenciana, is a land of creativity. The work of design professionals, architecture, interior design or illustration through the last hundred years proves a design culture that extends through all the territory.