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Cinema Jove bets on artists Daniel Rueda and Anna Devís for its 33rd edition poster

Throughout photography, artists will create a symbolic union between cine and architecture

International Film Festival of Valencia – Cinema Jove 33rd edition, which happen from June 22nd to 29th and organized by Valencia Institute of Culture, will count on the valencian artistic duo Daniel Rueda y Anna Devís. Their pictures, created throughout photography, creatively interact with architecture.

Festival’s artistic director, Julia Valencia, chose a pair of artists, as she did last edition with Patricia Bolinches y Señor Garcia, in due to “both forms a creative duo where each personality meets the other in a common language”.  About Anna Devís she highlights her spontaneous imagination that leads to little stories out of time. Whereas she has been marked by Daniel Rueda‘s millimetric precision, “he is a photographer of synthesis, forms and emptiness” declared Valencia.

Expressing their art in various city of the world, getting inspired by its different structures of simple shapes and by pastel colors, Devis and Rueda’s pictures not only deal about elegance, simplicity or minimalism. More than underlining beautiful architecture, their photos also demonstrate a unique way of experimentation with our daily life environment.

As Devís ( as Rueda (, they both have hundred thousand of followers on Instagram and they collaborated with Netflix, Coca-Cola, Smart or Swatch, whose pictures had been spread all over the planet, from Times Square to Valencia’s streets.

It is the first time they work for an international film festival and, with Julia Valencia, they developed a precise idea of their future collaboration’s concept. Full of symbolic, Rueda affirms “the poster will draw with the ‘ascension’ idea. A concept who has in its inner definition various significations. Furthermore, we would transmit with those various interpretations the idea that also cine has double meanings”.