Noticias Festival
Cinema Jove vouches for inclusive filmmaking with the screening of the short-film ‘XMILE. A smile for the senses’
  • The projection will be followed by a conference by the producer, Miguel Ángel Font, about cultural awareness
  • The screening will take place at 11h tomorrow at the Sala José Sancho
  • The short-film is accessible for the visually impaired and audience with hearing disabilities thanks to the Olorama technology

Tomorrow, Saturday the 1st of July at 11 am at the Sala José Sancho the screening of the film Xmile, a smile for the senses will take place, and it will be followed by a conference about accessibility and inclusion in cultural awareness for all sensory disabilities.

The project, directed by Valencian director Miguel Ángel Font, is the first one to have approached filmmaking through all five senses, for people with visual impairments, hearing disabilities or both to be able to enjoy an artistic medium which has not normally taken them into account as audience.

It is a proposal that is born from empathy, where ideas will be shared so the inclusion of everybody into a movie theatre is not just something marginal or hardly promoted.

XMILE is the first European project designed to be smelled live thanks to the Olorama technology. This technology was the parting point for a project that has been produced to be accessible to all people with visual impairments or auditory disabilities, striving to approach an inclusive and universal audiovisual design.

Miguel Ángel Font Bisier (1987), is a Valencia audiovisual producer who has directed and produced varied audiovisual projects. In 2010 he started the production of his recognized trilogy of fashion films, Eiénesis, becoming one of the pioneers of this format in Spain. He has also worked in the production of terror movies, with films such as Llagas (2012) and Sinnside (2013), both of which were premiered as part of the Official Section at the Sitges Festival. Sinnside received the prestigious Méliès de Plata Award for the Best European Short Film in 2015. He has also worked in the field of video clips, with bands such as Motörhead.

XMILE is his latest short film, after having received numerous awards with his previous work.