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Presentation of the 39th Cinema Jove poster and image

Yesterday, the Sala 7 of the Teatre Rialto hosted the presentation of this edition’s poster, which was also streamed on our YouTube channel. From the United States, Laura Wächter explained the process of creating the image in a discussion with Carlos Madrid, the festival director; Ada Diez, the art director; and the illustrator and Cinema Jove jury coordinator, Mireia Pérez, as moderator.

Wächter’s poster is inspired by American movie theater signs and features characters from different film genres alongside figures representing festival attendees. These two layers are visually distinguished by colors to enhance narrative clarity. Some characters will come to life as animated stickers for social media, which any festival fan can use.

Wächter emphasized that the element of the sign was present from the initial sketches and that she wanted to highlight the light in the image. Carlos Madrid noted that the poster reflects the importance of the communal experience of watching movies in theaters, while Ada Diez highlighted Wächter’s talent for creating images that evoke magical realism, using a distinctive color palette including turquoise, pale red, and yellow.

From today, you will see the poster, in its various versions, invading the streets of Valencia and social media.