Borja Cobeaga and Diego San José 20 years writing comedy, 20 years of love for fiction Guest, actor Julián López Directed and hosted by journalist Mariola Cubells Screenwriters and directors Diego San José and Borja Cobeaga come to Valencia, at Cinema Jove, on the second stop, after the Crossover festival in Donosti, on their Turra Tour, which celebrates their 20 years of personal and professional relationship. These meetings, directed and conducted by journalist Mariola Cubells, will have Julián López as a special guest, one of the couple's favourite actors: he has worked with them in Pagafantas, No controles, Fe de etarras, Súper López, Justo antes de Cristo, the Feroz Awards... With the support of DAMA, the organisation that manages the copyright of audiovisual and cinematographic works, San José, Cobeaga and López will talk about their professional lives up to this point, what their creative processes have been and are like, and what they still look for when composing fictional stories. It will be a cultural, audiovisual, light-hearted and meaningful meeting.