Noticias Festival
Presentation of the 37th edition poster

Yesterday 19th May we presented, together with the editorial illustrator Luci Gutiérrez, the poster and image of the 37th edition of Cinema Jove. This year it has the novelty that it is also presented in animated format, by Guillamon Studio, something that will bring versatility to this year’s image.


At the event we were able to share Luci’s ideas and perspectives, along with the intervention of Ada Diez, Art Director of the festival, and the comments of Carlos Madrid, director of Cinema Jove.

The event, which kicks off the 37th edition of Cinema Jove, was accompanied by the screening of the short film Rehearsal by Michael Omonua (award for Best Short Film 2021) and the short film Binge Loving by Thomas Deknop and Davey Snoek, thus unveiling one of the short films of the Official Selection 2022.