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A first trip -

Kiwon Bae. South Korea. 2015. color. 6' 45"

Two sisters have been separated ever since their parents divorced. After 25 years, they meet again and go to their mother's hometown. But they get into trouble at the beginning of the journey to find their mother.

Arthur -

Nick Rusconi. Switzerland. 2015. color. 7' 13"

His name is Arthur, he's 40 and he is the perfect neighbour. He loves breakfast and the vacuum cleaner's sound. Adorable, if you don't focus too much on his little problem: he's also a serial killer. But he wants to quit. The question is: will he succeed?

Bang Bang Club -

Jason Chan. Singapur. 2015. color. 5' 47"

Banks control the world beyond our imagination. When one bank strips away the livelihood of two young men, they take revenge by joining an elite assassins training group: The Bang Bang Club.

Beard Club -

Sébastien Nadaud, Pablo Pinasco. France. 2015. color. 14' 47"

Two disillusioned cops. A series of crimes. Bearded women. A journey of initiation. An unexpected introspection revealing unsuspected links. A violent universe where beauty rates highly in the selection criteria.

Bigshot -

Maurice Huvelin. France. 2015. color. 2' 6"

Little actors with a caustic sense of humour, get onto the greatest cinema sets and face tough enemies, absurd monsters and ever victorious animals. With BIGHORROR, BIGHEROES, BIGPORN, BIGPANIC, BIGWESTERN, BIGROMANCE and BIGFANTASY.

Cabanyal Z -

Joan Alamar. Spain. 2015. color. 13' 12"

Valencia is suffering a zombie apocalypse, but there's still a neighbourhood that has resisted destruction. It is only in El Cabanyal that you can survive…

Entertainment -

David Sainz. Spain. 2015. color. 17' 13"

Entertainment is a "mockumentary" about the daily lives of the members of the Diffferent production company after finishing Malviviendo, the successful series.

Escabeche Magazine -

Raquel Cambralla, Sofía Tatay, Andrea Invierno. Spain. color. 11' 18"

Escabeche magazine invites you to discover typical traditional Valencian bars. In this chapter Arturo and Paco tell us about their story at the helm of a small tapas vessel, here you will find the best cocktails in town and the most authentic waiters, a real classic!

Footballer wants a wife -

Jovita O'Shaughnessy. Australia. color. 10' 15"

'Footballer Wants a Wife' is a parody reality show that follows three young football stars on their modern-day quest for love. Our three footballers, drawn from different backgrounds, are matched up against twelve women who will stop at nothing to become the wife of a sports star. ‘Footballer Wants A Wife’ is a comedy that plays on the one ironic truth at the heart of reality TV: it’s completely fabricated – particularly when it comes to love, loss and fame.

Kumbaya -

Dennis Riebenstahl, Lasse Buchhop, Janco Christiansen. Germany. color. 18' 33"

After getting plastered with absinthe the two nogoodniks Jacob and David find a pizza box on which they deliriously write their thesis for a new religion. On the internet, solvent followers will join their church making their Pay Pal account burst. Now they want a carpenter to build their church. His name is... Jesus

Ma femme est pasteure - My wife is a pastor

Víctor Costa. Switzerland. 2015. color. 3' 24"

A web comedy series about the adventures of an unusual couple. He is agnostic and rational, trying to come to terms with the new profession of his wife as a protestant minister. Between burials and aperitifs to the sound of bells, he will try to get a place in a world where he does not control all the codes! In time, he will question the practices of his wife.

Le Meufisme - The Girlism

Sophie Garric. France. color. 4' 12"

A 30 year old woman, addicted to sugar, guys, shopping and with existential issues struggles to potray the perfect woman as seen by the mass media, therefore she decides to start her own social movement: Girlism. A social program made by and for girls, so that at last, a regular girl can be heard... and be revealed without any filters.

Mundillo - Little World

Federico Suárez, Esteban Garay Santalo. Argentina. color. 7' 41"

This surreal comedy shows us the universe of life at a plant nursery, "Viviana's Garden". A family who lives in a plant, a mother who only speaks through music, a television that haunts the main character's mental health and a bunch of hilarious situations that promise to create a new addiction to this show.

Nikola Tesla and the End of the World -

Ian Strang. United Kingdom. 2015. color. 5' 28"

When physicist Sophie Clarke builds a strange machine from long-lost scientific plans she unwittingly transports Nikola Tesla to modern-day London. Unfortunately Tesla brings another historical figure along with him: an autocratic automaton!

Number of Silence -

Csongor Dobrotka. Germany. 2015. 16' 14"

Alternative realities. A fictitious metropolis. A huge corporation, a mental facility, a satellite that disappears and three main characters on a quest for truth and reality.

Osmosis -

Louis Chiche. France. 2015. color. 8' 10"

In a near future OSMOSIS, the online dating site, guarantees 100% that you'll find your soulmate. But it's perhaps not as wonderful as it sounds... Can true love survive this so called riskless computation for hapiness?

El Partido - The Party

Álex Rodrigo. Spain. 2015. color. 6' 2"

Fernando is really an insignificant nobody who works for PDE, the Spanish Democratic Party. He is surprised when party leaders ask him to be a candidate for the primary vote process. He is insecure and has no political expertise but accepts the offer anyway. He is unaware that he is to be used as a scapegoat by his own party when corruption scandals appear.


Patrizio Trecca. Italy. 2015. color. 7' 8"

Cola Spadaro, the most powerful italian attorney, will try to redirect Michael´s life, a young lawyer who will serve as his scapegoat.


Fernando Milsztajn, Tian Cartier. Argentina. color. 13' 58"

Ricardo and Clara are two words that go together. Ricardo and Clara have been dating since they had acne, but one day, they both realize they deserve to be on their own, for at least a year. Will they pass the test and be together forever after?


Jesús Perujo, Fátima De los Santos. Spain. color. 10' 11"

18 directors. 15 stories about relationships. 1 common element: NUMBERS

Fracasados por el mundo (fuera de concurso) -

Gonzalo Gurrea. Spain. color. 3' 28"

A humorous send up of programmes like "Españoles por el mundo" and "Comando actualidad". The protagonist will try out different ways to put his life back on track.

Beto (fuera de concurso) -

Sergio Tellols. Spain. 2015. color. 11' 40"

BETO is a webseries comedy about a man in his thirties and the ups and downs he faces each day.

Angel Business (fuera de concurso) -

Alberto Adsuara. Spain. color. 22' 23"

A married couple offers training to young women to counteract a lack of justice.

Pedro Reyes for President (fuera de concurso) -

Luis E. Pérez. Spain. color. 4' 54"

An utopia. The dream of the common citizen. The first political reality show. The first 24 hours of a President upon taking office in 6 web episodes. Brutal transparency.

WINTERSUN (fuera de concurso) -

Luis E. Pérez. Spain. 2015. color. 20' 39"

Wintersun tells the story of Jane, a Londer full of prejudice about the Mediterranean coast. Her life changes when she has to travel into the interior of La Marina Alta, to attend the reading of the will left by her late aunt, Susan…