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Eusebio, el Americano - The American, Eusebio

Ruth Somalo. Spain, USA. 2016. Spanish. color. 13' 34".

A film about oral history, friendship, human remains, bureaucracy and embodiment. An ethnographic portrayal of the exhumation of my grandfather Eusebio's remains.

23 de mayo - 23rd of May

David Martín de los Santos. Spain. 2016. Spanish. color. 16' 30".

"The voices of two women transform the remains of a house and restore the memory of those who lived there."

Annas augen - Anna's eyes

Beatriu Vallès Jimeno. Spain. 2016. English. color. 9'.

Anna wakes up one day with an old concern. There is something in her life that doesn'’t work. Unable to continue with the daily routine, she goes out. She spends the day walking down endless streets, reflecting and observing the people. Everything she sees helps her to make a decision.

Asara rehovot mea etsim - Ten Buildings Away

Miki Polonski. Israel. 2016. Hebrew, Russian. color. 25'.

A four-storey building in the midst of a city. A river flows by it, its banks busy with heavy traffic and passing trucks. Behind the leftmost window on the fourth floor two brothers, a mother and a father have their home. A family, that perhaps, has never had the right to exist.

Cadence - Keeping-Up

Jean-Charles Paugam. France. 2016. No dialogues, French. color. 24' 12".

Fifty-year-old George is a worker in a slaughterhouse. One day, a colleague of his has a heart attack at work. For George, this is a trigger : he suddenly realizes he needs to get his life back on track. 

Calling Ukraine - Calling Ukraine

Jean Counet. Holland. 2016. Russian. color. 12' 21".

Through a Skype call the daily life, dreams and fears of a family in Eastern-Ukraine is revealed while the bombs are falling in the background. We see the traces of the war on the face of the grandmother who, like the viewer, is powerless.

Delivery - Delivery

BELOT Leslie . France. 2016. No dialogues. color. 6' 30".

A peaceful neighbourhood, a peaceful home, a peaceful couple that is about to celebrate the arrival of a new piece for their collection of African Art…

Eco - Eco

Xacio Baño. Spain. 2016. Spanish, Gallego. color. 20'.

Echo's voice was stolen and she was sentenced to repeat what everyone else said. Trapped, she decides to take shelter in a cave and to distance herself from all human touch.


Nina Gantz. United Kingdom. 2016. No dialogues. color. 10'.

A stop motion film about an oddball felted character who slips through floors into the past and the deepest parts of his psyche in his pursuit of self-understanding.

Eisen - Iron

Benjamin KAhlmeyer. Germany, Poland. 2016. German, French, English, Serbo-croatian. color. 18' 59".

A foggy landscape with new buildings in Eisenhüttenstadt at the German-Polish border: "Eisen", Iron, that’s how they call the town here. Portraits of asylum seekers from all over the world are set among impressions of a dreary life.


Franz Maria Quitt. Austria. 2016. German. color. 19' 46".

Jacob, a nine-year-old shy dreamer, falls instantly in love when Mailin (11) and her father move into the apartment across the yard. Although his best friend advises him against it, he tries to get in touch with her.

El cerdo - The pig

Pau Durà . Spain. 2016. Spanish. color. 9'.

A father takes his son to school and then runs to the bank. He leaves the bank with a notification. It seems his family is in a tight spot.

El pasado roto - The broken past

Martín Morgenfeld. Argentina. 2016. Spanish. color. 17'.

After several months of absence and without having clear motivations, an adolescent suddenly appears in a hospital to reunite with the mother of his recently born daughter.

Filip - Filip

Nathalie Álvarez Mesén. Sweden. 2016. Swedish. color. 10' 53".

Seven-year-old Filip admires his sixteen-year-old brother Sebastian most of all. One evening, Filip sees something unexpected happen between Sebastian and Sebastian’s best friend. He doesn’t know how to handle it.

GlobalEyes - GlobalEyes

Jeff Coons. Germany. 2016. English. color. 8' 16".

A dive into the world of public webcams, GlobalEyes subtly exposes the state of surveillance in an age of online watching and live commentary. Some just want to vicariously travel the world from their office chair while others have more sinister intentions.

Hausarrest - House arrest

Matthias Sahli. Switzerland. 2016. English. color. 13' 27".

Hausarrest tells the story of Max, who was sentenced to six months of house arrest. An electronic ankle bracelet called Percy helps him through his new daily life. One day Max is shocked to discover how far Percy is willing to go to assist him in his needs.

Jin zhi xia mao - Anchorage prohibited

Wei Liang Chiang. Taiwan. 2016. Chinese, Vietnamese. color. 16' 30".

Without means to put down roots and settle, two young migrant workers seek solutions on an island where anchorage is prohibited.

Journey Birds - Journey Birds

Daphna Awadish. Israel, Italy, Austria, France. 2016. Spanish. color. 9' 8".

Personal stories fuse together as the man and the bird in a filmic commentary on immigration.

Kroki - Travelling

Karolina Zaleszczuk. Poland. 2016. Polish. color. 23' 27".

Travelling is a violation of the rules that occurs when a player holding the ball moves one or both of his feet illegally. Teenaged Justyna, trying to escape her mom’s life, becomes fascinated with her new neighbour.

La boum de Julia Ferrari

Geraldine De Margerie. France. 2016. French. color. 24'.

May 1996. Anne and Fedora, two 14-year-old teenagers, a bit different from the rest of their class, are invited to a party thrown by Julia Ferrari, the most popular girl of the school. For Anne it is the opportunity to be part of something. Unfortunately the party will not go as planned…

La chair et les volcans - Flesh and volcanoes

Clemence Demesme. France. 2016. French. color. 20' 57".

Laura, a young teenager, lives alone with his father in a little village in Auvergne (France). At 14, she faces the daily constraints and makes her way thanks to her own resources.

La invitación - Sleepover

Susana Casares. Spain. 2016. Spanish. color. 14' 35".

Pushed by the fear of losing her friends, Silvia (10) has invited them to a sleepover. But Silvia’s current home is not quite what her friends may call a home... Her family has been secretly living in their old VW camper van since they lost their house to foreclosure. Unable to cancel the invitation, Silvia’s parents believe they’ve come up with the perfect solution to save the night: they will park the van in the driveway of their former house, and tell the kids they are having a camping-themed sleepover. Everything seems to be going well until one of the girls asks for something the parents hadn’t thought of: she needs to go inside the house to use the restroom...

La mano que trina - The trilling hand

María Cañas de los Reyes. Spain. 2016. Spanish. color. 11' 27".

Life is what happens while we’re staring at our mobiles. Soon we won’t even need to read or speak languages; knowing how to howl will suffice. The trilling hand is a specimen case devoted to the dark side of technology, the techno-paranoia, the religion of the selfie, technopathies, digital dementia, programmed obsolescence, e-waste, post-humanism...

La novia de Frankenstein - Frankenstein’s Bride

Francisco Lezama. Argentina. 2016. Spanish, English. color. 13'.

Ivana works for an agency that rents apartments to foreigners . Her task is simple: tenants receive , translate from English to Spanish and exchange dollars for pesos. Ivana , however , is complex , and all that network and exchanges translations finishes building a world in which reality and fiction, pesos and dollars , lovers and sweethearts become indistinct.

Le Bûcher de Saïd - Saïd's Cremation

Julien Sicard. France. 2016. French. color. 29'.

Elias comes back home after the death of his father Saïd, who used to be a Harki, an Algerian soldier loyal to the French Army. There is a conflict in the family : some want to bury Saïd according to the religion, others want to incinerate him and respect his last wishes.

Lina - Lina

Nur Casadevall. Spain. 2016. No dialogues, Catalonian. color. 19'.

Lina is a sensitive soul trapped in a word where communication is hindered. Seeking respite from a hostile environment, she confides in her swimming instructor. Lina is a metaphor of water, pure emotion, a bottomless well.

Mañana vendrá la bala - Tomorrow, the bullet

Gabriel Azorín. Spain. 2016. No dialogues, Spanish. color. 28' 25".

The girl talks to the boy about her fear of suicide and then she laughs. She also tells him she loves him. The girl and the boy run as if the only way out would be to somehow get lost in the night -amongst the trees, cobble stones, karaokes- and never go back home.

Mayday relay

Florian Tscharf. Germany. 2016. German, English. color. 14' 28".

When the German sailor Max and his daughter Emily receive a mayday-call on the Mediterranean sea, they act immediately: They change the course of the little sailing-boat and try to involve other ships in the operation. A parable of the ongoing refugee crisis on the doorstep of Europe.

Metube 2 - august sings Carmina Burana

Daniel Moshel. Austria. 2016. German. color. 5'.

After Elfie and her nerdy son August successfully prove themselves on their home webcam in MeTube 1; the odd pair venture onto the street to present the biggest, boldest, and sexiest operatic flash mob the internet has ever witnessed!

Mi ne mozhem zhit bez kosmosa - We can't live without the cosmos

Konstantin Bronzit. Russia. 2016. No dialogues. color. 15' 20".

Two cosmonauts who are friends, try to do their best in their everyday training life to make their common dream a reality. But this story is not only about the dream.

My Silicone Love - My Silicone Love

Sophie Dros. Holland. 2016. English. color. 27' 37".

Everard has twelve lifelike dolls. He talks with them, dresses them, has sex with them and loves them as if they are real people. Is he happy with this way of living or does he actually long for a real woman?

Noam - Noam

Adi Shinar. Israel. 2016. Hebrew. color. 23'.

Noam, 16, an artistic introvert, can’t stand being her mother’s psychologist. She wants to go out but is forced to stay home and tend to her mother. When she can’t put up with her anymore, Noam leaves, desperately attempting to find somewhere else to spend the night.

Notre héritage - Our legacy

Jonhatan Vinel with the collaboration of Caroline Poggi . France. 2016. French. color. 24' 11".

Lucas is the son of the famous pornographer Pierre Woodman. This is his story.

Nuestro Mar - Our Sea

Eileen Hofer. Switzerland. 2016. Spanish. color. 15'.

In Havana, Emilio watches the prima ballerina dancing. He repairs her ballet shoes but doesn’t dare talk to her. At home, he takes care of his elderly mother and spends some time with his neighbour, the singer Omara Portuondo. Together, they watch the sea as it changes its colour. A Storm is brewing.

Ojalá - I wish

Antonio Anton Jarque. Spain. 2016. Spanish. color. 6' 34".

On Christmas Eve, the King of Spain realizes how long his life has been. Suddenly eveything seems so close to the events of recent years. A political essay about the monarchy and its future. Applicable to Spain and elsewhere.

Pedro M, 1981 - Pedro M, 1981

Andreas Fontana. Switzerland, Spain. 2016. Spanish. color y BN. 27'.

Madrid. A woman who has never known her father searches for traces of his existence. The man is the Spanish Television camerman, Pedro Martin who filmed the 23-F coup bid in the Parliament. In search of her deceased father's legacy, the woman encounters people tormented by images of the past. Historic film footage can also contain intimate drama...

Perfection Is Forever - Perfection Is Forever

Mara Trifu. Rumania, United Kingdom. 2016. English. color. 17' 42".

A tree is what it is, complete in its own being. Human beings, on the other hand, always aspire to become something more, doing their best to hold back time in pursuit of eternal love, youth and beauty.

Petites histoires du monde avant d'aller dormir - Small Stories of the World Before Bedtime

Maxime Coton. Belgium. 2016. French. color y BN. 26' 59".

Small Stories of the World Before Bedtime is like a picture book made of footage found here and there. Composed of several funny or tragic stories, the film is the first gift of a father to his new-born daughter: “here are some pictures of the world you are entering, look at both its beauty and its violence!” Mosaic-like and fragmented, this tale of images and sounds is a true ode to life and cinema.

Piknik - Picnic

Jure Pavlovic. Croatia. 2016. Bosnian. color. 13' 20".

Sarajevo, rush hour. Emir, 15, accompanied by a social worker, is on his way to meet his father Safet, for a weekend picnic at Igman, a semi-open penitentiary. Due to the heavy traffic they are late...

Polaroidok - Polaroids

Péter Lichter. Hungary. 2016. English. color. 13' 39".

On a sleepy morning Eduardo Kac, Professor of Biology, cross-fertilized his own DNA with that of the petunia. From the poetry book of Márton Simon.

Prey - Prey

Boyoung Kim. South Korea, USA. 2016. No dialogues. color. 4' 20".

A small fish dreams of the beautiful world outside the fish tank. When she finally gets bigger and leaps out of the fish tank, the once beautiful world isn't what she expected.

Quelques Secondes - A Few Seconds

Nora El Hourch. France. 2016. No dialogues, French. color. 16' 25".

Five girls live at a Paris home for wayward teens, each of them marked by a deeply troubled past. The girls struggle to identify themselves no longer as victims but as revitalised persons with hope.

Sasha - Sasha

Taisia Deeva. Germany, Russia. 2016. Russian. color. 23'.

Ten-year-old Sasha tries to be on good terms with both of her divorced parents. But her innocent idea of family is shattered by stark reality when she goes on a picnic with her father and his new girlfriend

Semele - Semele

Myrsini Aristidou. Cyprus, USA. 2016. Greek. color. 13' 5".

Semele will do anything to spend some time with her long absent father. A school note becomes just the excuse for her to visit him at his workplace, where her presence highlights their fragile relationship.

Suspendu - Suspendu

Elie Grappe. Switzerland. 2016. French. color. 14' 59".

At dawn, in a great classical dance conservatory, a boy falls while rehearsing some movements. Something breaks in his foot, causing sharp pain. But it's exam day and the boy refuses to quit: he tries to face his dance partner and classmates, convincing himself his body has no limits.

Symbolic Threats - Symbolic Threats

Mischa Leinkauf. Germany. 2016. English. color. 15'.

Is it poetry or a threat? An act of surrender or perhaps an art form? These were the theories that New York puzzled over last summer. How can one incident be interpreted in so many ways?

The Reflection Of Power - The Reflection Of Power

Mihai Grecu. France. 2016. No dialogues. color. 9' 11".

In the most secret capital of the world a crowd attends a show while a disaster threatens the whole city...

The Very Great Search for Nothing - The Very Great Search for Nothing

Paul de Ruijter. Holland. 2016. Dutch. color. 12'.

How does one find solace after your first confrontation with the end of life? In an intimate expression of the maker we explore personal and universal desires for ecstasy and identity.

Timecode - Timecode

Juanjo Giménez. Spain. 2016. Spanish. color. 15'.

Luna and Diego are the parking lot security guards. Diego does the night shift, and Luna works by day.

Tout va bien - Everything's Fine

Laurent Scheid. France, Belgium. 2016. French. color. 21' 50".

A few days ago, Raphaël received his committal to jail order. Given that he got a short sentence, he should be sent straight home while waiting for his electronic bracelet. He decides not to tell anyone.

Trial and Error

Antje Heyn. Germany. 2016. English. color. 5' 27".

A film about a lost shirt button, perfectionist aunts, busy cats, startled parrots—and a long-lost friend.

Tutte le cose sono piene di lei - Everything is full of her

Maria Tilli. Italy. 2016. Italian. color. 22'.

Carmela lives in the mountainous central region of Italy. She is 92, bitter and surly, just like the skies above her land. After a friend’s rather poor funeral, Carmela decides to leave this world with dignity. Accompanying her in this final journey is Martina, her 9-year-old granddaughter. The little girl quietly follows her, clearly fascinated by such an enigmatic and sympathetic figure.

Two Sisters - Two Sisters

Keola Racela. USA. 2016. Korean. color. 16' 15".

While two North Korean sisters attempt to defect to South Korea via China, Mi-Jin, the older sister is confronted with a cruel decision that will decide both of their fates.

un seul homme - One man

Philippe Grégoire. Canada. 2016. French. color. 12' 45".

An 80-year-old man follows the traces left by a car accident.

Vainilla - Vanilla

Juan Beiro Martínez. Spain. 2016. English. color. 10'.

Life is talking about silly stuff with the people you love.

With all our cameras - With all our cameras

Miguel López Beraza. Spain. 2016. Hungarian. color y BN. 26' 46".

How many cameras are needed to portray someone's life?

You dreamt you were happy

Ivana Skrabalo. Croatia. 2016. English. color. 21' 8".

Blanka has money problems, so she flees from her apartment and goes about her routine – she goes to a humiliating casting, kisses a boy she doesn’t love and visits her estranged parents.

YúYú - YúYú

Marc Johnson. France. 2016. No dialogues. color. 16' 19".

The beekeeper Shé Zuŏ Bīn performs a traditional rite of spring on one of the rocks. He allows queen bees to be placed on his body who then summon worker bees. By the end, Shé Zuŏ Bīn’s body is entirely covered by bees. In a kind of trance, he stands utterly still. The buzzing of bees dominates all. He trusts the bees completely, and for a moment they lose all that may be dangerous and terrifying. They are a protective shield.