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Audiovisual Programme for Young


Around about this time each year, we are doing the finishing touches to a new edition of the Audiovisual Encounter for Young People or Encuentro Audiovisual de Jóvenes. Very son the 31st edition of Cinema Jove will open its doors and it will include screenings of school-based film productions. To present each work and to answer any questions, the people in charge of each production will be at hand. In this way a troupe of young people who all love cinema will be meeting in the functions rooms of the museum known as MUVIM, to see the shorts they have produced; but not only theirs; we’ll have the chance of seeing what children in Peru or Italy have done.

There are a total of 40 shorts making up 7 programmes in the A, B and C categories, produced in very different places throughout our geography. These shorts have been pre-selected from the one hundred or so offered by schools and cultural centres and coming from almost all of the autonomous regions of Spain. The topics and narrative treatments given in these filmic creations are as broad as the fertile imaginations of these young artists in film.

Formats range from animation and fiction to video clip. Neither is there any shortage of themes; they deal with the explosion of youthful sentiment to statements against abuse of all kinds. At EAJ, free reign is given to visual poetry without resorting to the spoken word. These young level-headed creators are really in touch with reality and they draw from social concerns as a source of inspiration as is seen in the content of this year’s edition. A jury made up of professionals will be giving out prizes between the screenings of shorts and we are sure that those students receiving them will look back upon them as lifetime milestones. Three key specialists will form the jury this year: Emilio Martí, animation creator, artist and the art-therapist Isabel Puig, founding partner of AVALEM with extensive experience in art-based educational projects and, last but not least, Helena Bel, the Valencian director, screenplay writer and producer. The educational journal, Cuadernos de Pedagogía and the TVE Channel 2 programme, La aventura del saber (the adventure of knowing) will again be accompanying us.

Only once each year is it possible for audiences in Valencia to see so much creativity in our school-going young. This weekend we will both the young and grown-ups to share this audiovisual experience. There will also be a surprise or two, and not just at the closure, so that we may all feel a little closer to the grand project that is the Audiovisual Encounter for Young People (Encuentro Audiovisual de Jóvenes).

See you at the MUVIM screenings!

Teresa Aguilar and Ángel San Martín